Tales of the Dead Armadillo + Hoof Prints The Making of Ace! A Story of Crosscountry Running and Early 1990s New Braunfels

Original novels Esteban Erik Stipnieks all rights reserved



Author's Note for Tales of Dead Armadillo (updated September 21,2010 honoring my last cross-country coach)

The Lion The Unicorn the Man In the Mirror Commentary about the Novel and Penn State

Authors Note Hoofprints the Prequel to Tales

OF Faith and Sport (Tebow style additional commetary)

 Prelude to Tails Two Mail Boxes On Balcones 1975 A story of things to come short story (added fact from fiction not much made up)

Latvians Latinos Ex Nazis the Real story of Cold War Life New Braunfels and A bizzare tail of New Braunfels History from suburbia more detail about the hood

The Introduction In Denton (The start of Hoofprints)

 Chapter 1 section1  homeward bound broken heart.

Stephen King Must Die aka God Opposes the Proud (Hoof Prints)

Bible Study and Youth Leader Discussion Questions

chapter 1 section 2Many Parts of A Team

Every Viking Must Travel Besides Christians Know They Only Got 1 Home (Hoof prints)

Bible Study related questions

chapter 2 section 1 A Hair's Width Separates Glory and Disaster Old faces New faces meet A team is born

Ya Aint in New Braunfels No More  (Hoof PRints)


chapter 2 section 2 Positive rate Gear Up preseason crosscountry running

Bible Study Questions

How Ace Got his Name and Old Habbits being broken(Hoof prints)

chapter 2 section 3 Getter ready for the big weekend

The Summer before Season Three Ace becoming Ace Hoof prints

Bible Study Questions

Chapter 3 Mini camp team retreat

Bible Study Questions

A flight that lasts a life time can not bridge a deep gap and blown decision (hoof prints)

Chapter 4 To Quote Jimmy Buffet.....

Bible Study Questions Christian Reader

Calling You Ace Ain't an insult!  The Re birth of Bronco Pride (Hoof Prints)

Chapter 5 Transition.

Discussion Questions

Hoofprints....Three workouts a Race....a pep rally Ace aint perfect but learning....Oh yes a classic dyspraxic moment mixed in.

Book II The Season....of 1993

Chapter 1 Medina Valley Chronicles

Chapter 1 section 1 Medina Valley Chronicles sect 1 monday

The discussion questions

Hoof prints The Pirate Cove School Victory and Tragic Defeat!

Chapter 1 section 2Encino In the heat Medina Valley Chronicles

Bible Study Questions

Foreshadowing....and education.....HOof Prints

chapter 1 section 3 The long dare and the set up Medina valley Chronicles

Bible Study questions

Ace learns to Fly Coach P conflicts

Chapter 1 section 4 The Race Medina Valley!

Bible Study Race Day portion

End of HOof Prints the start of Tales

Chapter 2 Traditions Famous and Infamous

chapter 2 section 1 negatives conflicts and coming together

Bible study Questions

chapter 2 section 2 fire from above fire from within traditions of fame traditions of infamy

Bible Study

chapter 2 section 3 Traditions of fame traditions of shame Thursday Thursday

Bible Study questions

chapter 2 section 4 Traditions of fame traditions of shame dysfunction junction

Bible Study questions

chapter 2 section 5 A bit of Triumph as the team loses a member

Bible Study questions

Chapter 3 UTSA Its Not As Bad as You Remember....ITS WORSE

chapter 3 section 1 Anger,mercy,surprise tenderness and sweat (In just 1 workout)

Bible Study Questions

chapter 3 section 2 To Quote Steve Miller "Everything's better When Wet!"

3 discussion questions

chapter 3 section 3 How French Fries Got his Name and the food flies at Unicorn stadium

Bible Study questions

chapter 3 section 4 Chapter 3 section 4 approach to the steam bath (Pep rally and two workouts)

Bible Study that section

Chapter 3 section 5 The Race and Aftermath

Bible Study

Chapter 4 old Bets New Glory

Chapter 4 section 1 run in the Guadalupe valley book2 chapter4 section1.

BIble Study questions

Chapter 4 section 2 a dare a defense Book 2 chapter 4 section II

BIble Study Questions

Chapter 4 section 3 speed over common ground book 2 chapter4 section 3

Only 1 study question

chapter 4 section 4 Almost at Seguin book 2 chapter 4 section 4 (Tale of an Old Bet)

Bible Study questions

chapter 4 section 4 the races at Seguin is it District Glory We see? book2 chapter4 section5 raceday

Bible Study questions

Chapter 5 A dual Meet A Time to Cry

  Chapter 5 section 1 Going to Denton Tomorrow book 2 chapter 5 section 1

Bible Study questions

chapter 5 section 2 Time to cry time to say good bye book 2 chapter 5 section 2

BIble Study questions

Chapter 5 section 3 Dual meet ahead book 2 chapter 5 section 3

Bible study questions

Chapter 5 section 4 Dual Meet Smoked Venison Book 2 Chapter 5 section 4 The race

BIble Study Questions

Chapter 5 section 5 Victory is Sweet Book 2 Chapter 5 Section 5

Bible Study Questions

Chapter 6 The Dare is Taken

Chapter 6 section 1 hope makes lactic acid fade book 2 chapter 6 section1

Bible Study questions

Chapter 6 section 2 humor and hope book 2 chapter 6 section2

Bible Study Questions

Chapter 6 section 3 We have ignition we have lift off book 2 chapter 6 section 3

Bible Study

chapter 6 section 4 Emotions a storm Book 2 Chapter 6 section 4 fading fast

BIble Study questions

Chapter 6 section 5 Double Gold and a Bobble book 2 chapter 6 section5

BIble STudy questions

Chapter 7 Trying to Stop Time

Book 2 Chapter 7 section 1 a long run


Book 2 Chapter 7 Section 2 the Smell of glory and senioritis does strange things

Bible Study QUestions

Book 2 Chapter 7 section Three Speed Workout mixed with senioritis and hope the fire is quite alive

Bible study Questions

Book 2 Chapter 7 section 4 Amanda throws down a dare

Bible Study QUestions

Book 2 chapter 7 section 5 One last non district meet

BIble Study questions

Book 2 Chapter 8 Going for Gold

Book 2 Chapter 8 section 1 A Win Win Proposition

Bible Study Questions

Book 2 Chapter 8 Section 2 An Encino Among friends

Bible study questions

Book 2 Chapter 8 section 3 Training At District

Bible Study Questions

Book 2 Chapter 8 section The crescendo builds!

Bible Study QUestions

Book 2 Chapter 8 Section 5 You got another week of workouts!

BIble study questions

Chapter 9 Book Two Success After adversity

Picking up the Pieces Book 2 Chapter 9 section 1

BIble Study questions

Fictional excerpt from Hoof Print Story on Ace!  (new addition)

Book 2 Chapter 9 section 2 Now that you do not want it here is the fame

BIble Study QUestions

Book 2 Chapter 9 Section three Revenge of the Dentonite as he builds Unicorn Unity

Bible Study Questions

Book 2 Chapter 9 Section 4 The last meet approaches for many

BIble Study

Book 2 Chapter 9 Section 5 The Last Race! 

 Book 2 Conclusion The season when viewed from the Rearview Mirror

Bible Study Questions

Glossary of Bizzare vocabulary at the Request of English men and women!

Other Bits Since This is about a Dyspraxic Athlete


Guide For Educators and Coaches Dyspraxia in Athletics and schools including flight schools article added 4/26/13 (false control cues for teacher what is really going on)


For the Future Employers of Ace A Guide to Dyspraxic employees!  (11/19/12 latest update)


A Guide to Parenting a dyspraxic!  (Updated 1/25/13 Federal over reach)

Through The Passage of Time Lessons taught remain and teammates forever

Two cross-country Runners seeking to make right a dark night in boxing (6/2/11)

Fun the story of a college Race from MCs point of view