Three stories of Feb 10,2011

Ok Webmaster is getting goofy to be serious. It’s called a surprise package. There are two stories working out today in San Antonio, as the tragedy in Iowa investigation on my part continues. Hopefully the net effect of digging and editorials are results in the equivalent to the Coach’s paddle of the sixties leading to better adults of the 70s. Never again is the cry in much of the boxing world while prayers go out. 

There are other news stories. Two of which are here.  These two news stories like on opposite ends of the spectrum one a local male boxer older past his career prime will be fighting in Delaware Feb 25 the other a local female amateur boxer will be competing as a guest boxer Armed Forces boxing championships. She has a brother also amateur boxer of note. She is pursuing her dreams. Listening to KFAN attending college at Schreiner with Kathleen Hudson much of my artistic approach was set. I want both stories to be viewed together. So for the boxing fan which is in heads or tails.

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