Two Handed Fight Card New Promoter and Old Venue Torn Two Ways Esteban Erik Stipnieks


In my memory lies a song performed by Randy Travis when he is pondering a decision one side of him would really love to take what was offered but "On the other hand their's a Golden band which reminds me of someone who would not understand." Scratch boxing Promotion has a fight card May 17th at San Antonio Event Center. I am looking forward to seeing several things including a fresh promoter in San Antonio from San Antonio. He knows some of my favorite ingredients for a hot time for local boxing fans. Local fighters, local promoters with compelling stories. I am looking forward to see a fighting Postman who well can make special deliveries with his fists that leaves his opponnents wishing they could stick return to sender. Javier Rodriguez headling the card is also a compelling story a story that I will admit has me leaning some to my North Texas finishing....I have joked about the Only Fall Sports Banquiet that I went to that finished on time it was in the land of Denton Broncos and it was fall of 1993. The story of Javier Rodriguez has elements that somewhat Dallas Cowboyesque. Hot local boxing hot local faves a couple of whom may...

Yet the other hand shows up clearly my post Soviet era Youth ushers fourth another memory related to Texas Stadium as I watched and heard an Englishman on Pink Floyd's Division Bell Tour 1994. If only a man from Southshields would realize the wisdom David Gilmour of Cambridge wrote sang and played a wicked Stratocaster lick to before the Pink Gilmour era "When you look out you don't see in" as a boxing reporter I see stuff in boxers that well because they don't and cant see in and because the breaks in time seeing make changes even trainers miss stand out like a shooting star on a night sky. I feel quite strongly that Steven Hall should have retired moons ago. I know mentioning this on an editorial about a fight card is shocking. Then again a sister in Christ asked one very powerful and loaded question of me the night Ronnie Joe Neil was sentenced to death for the rape and murder the mother of two teammates who happened to share a car with my mother on a journey that lead to my redemption. Citing the memory of a girl that would never see her 18th the memory of a girl with whom you parted "This is the final summer of our youth may it last forever" would seem as least as harsh as well a reporter telling a boxer RETIRE! Christ (He is after all called in gospel of John the Word of God made flesh) says in the book of Proverbs "Faithful are the wounds of a friend deceitful are the kisses of an enemy" So in this paragraph I cross the line from reporter to friend to both the promoter and a person who cares for Steven Hall. I doubt when my classmate slapped the sunburn hard it was pleasant for her but if was truly in Christ the angst she felt that night has been paid back 50 fold(She passed of cancer some time ago). I know for the blessing of her friendship and courage I owe Christ a good 2 weeks or so of praises in eternity AT LEAST. So following her example I admit to Scratch Promotions and Steven I would have much rather preferred Hall not be on the card this card or any other fight card!

I have decided to support the card because Steven says this is his last fight....I would have preferred his last fight be the pro am show at the Alamodome. Their are two other headliners. Their are two thirds of headliners I like. I have known the boxing postman since he was a middle or high school student. In Javier Rodriguez we have a man not unlike Troy Aikman was when KZPS Dallas was playing Thin Lizzy "The Boys are Back In Town" in reference to the Cowboys going to the superbowl. Last but not least we have a promoter who is a bit like Shramm and Jones. Unlike the Soap Opera Dallas May 17th lacks a human script. Unlike the Cowboys under Switzer you can not watch it on TV. Contact San Antonio Events Center (They are on the web) or Scratch boxing (210) 900-9397 to watch the drama live. Their is nothing like competition between promotion companies to add a degree of self regulation within the sport locally.


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