Amateur Results Part 1 of 2 With pictures Esteban Erik Stipnieks licensed to Staba, boxers and Coaches



Eric Murray from Cowboys winner 3-0 JO 110lb weight division

Rodolfo Favela from Cutting edge boxing 98lb intermediate division JO by 2-1 decsion

Fabien Garcia won his senior JO 125lb weight class bout by 3-0 he fights out of Reyes boxing club

Alexius Estrada from TNT winner 3-0 decisom  185lb JO senior divsion

Issaacl Lopez of Fit bit  won JO Senior division bout 127lb weight class by 3-0 decision

Santino Perez from Angels boxing club won his 155lb senior JO division bout by 3-0 decision

Gregory Morales of Ramos boxing won his JO 85lb weight class bout by 3-0 decision

They were skilled intermediate JOs who were impressive Luis Delgado by 3-0 114lb weight division

100lb weight class intermediate age division  Israel Ibarra by 2-1.  Israel Ibarra trains at Canelos boxing club

Senior division novice experience level 132lb weight class Mario Torres by 3-0

JO female Kaeley Perez Tough enough 3-0 12lb weight class


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