Part 2 An show Report and Photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks Photos only licensed to boxers, coaches, and Leija Battah promotions with photo credit Esteban Erik Stipnieks

Luis Carrasco red gloves winner 3-0 decision 140lb weight division senior novice expirence level

Jovani Martinez blue gloves winner by 3-0 decision JO 106lb weight class

Jose Hernandez of Angels boxing senior 148lb weight class winner by 3-0 decision

Andre Taylor of Miracle Boxing club winner 190lb open senior by 3-0 decision

Adrien Martinez from Viper boxing club winner 3-0 JO senior division 140lb weight class

Paul Rios winner senior division143lbs by 2-1 decision

Andres Cuevas winner 3-0 decision JO senior 132lbs

Daniel Baiz of Knock you out boxing club winner by RSC open senior 160lbs

Angel Martinez senior division open experience level 135lb weight class by 2-1 decsion

140lb weight class Senior division open level Jarren Saldana BUlly Unit boxing club winner by3-0

Jesse Martinez tough enough boxing winner open division 139lb weight class bout by 3-0


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