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Yes the narrative is compelling Joseph Rios is against an opponent easy to dislike.  Joseph Rios is in a must win situation and many a betting man would put money on Yanez.  The undercard bouts are also compelling in their own ways.  Local fighters local heroes at La Villita

This by no means boxing on the female side is dead!  There are still some pros in training and a couple amateur bouts of note coming fast.  If compelling male boxing with local guys and a huge cloud of uncertainty does not appeal to you.  At the Salvation Army Gym Saturday there will be open division female bout that is of note.  There is also black tie boxing rivalry going that is almost as old as female boxing in Austin and San Antonio.

Monica Challenging for Staba glory New face on Old Rivalry

Team Alcoser is making both bouts possible.  The Rivalry between Lord and Alcoser stems from both have done a lot for female boxing.  They are almost the god fathers of female boxing in their respective cities.

Stephanie shadow boxes  
click for STephany on double end  

Click for larger Stephany on double end bag
Click for larger link of Monica Click for larger picture of Stephany
click for larger picture of MOnica click for larger picture of Monica

Stephany makes a living cutting hair for guys at a local barbershop.  She is an amateur boxer who puts sweat and hard work into the sport. Her career is just starting.  As you can see from photos her determination. 

click for larger photo above Click for larger photo

Monica on the other hand is primed for a challenge on Patricia Gomez.  Monica is about to start her training for a personal trainers certificate.  Patricia Gomez has had moments of glory.  I realize this will offend Fats Katz but please remember a proverb that faithful are the wounds of a friend Patricia like her brothers is also known for a lack of .  Pardon the pun.  To make things more fun Patcia's Golden Gloves defeat was at the hands of another young women like herself studying to be a Personal trainer.  Monica's last ring victory was against an opponent who recently started losing.  As you can Monica continues to train

Click for larger photo (MOnica on bag)

The Fast Katz show for Monica Alvarez v Patricia Cuevas starts 2pm 615 Peacock San Antonio.  This is the battle for queendom Their bout last time I checked was bout number 4.  For fans of female boxing you their is some activity remaining in San Antonio and some local pros in the works.



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