A Call Renewed


He was strapped to the gurney his final journey had begun four years ago as I write this. John Lennon’s piano had appeared nearby. Four years and twenty minutes later two boxing reporters appear on the site where Andrew Gover was murdered June 20, 2003. Andrew Gover Golden Gloves Champion trained at Angels boxing gym where Raul Martinez.  Raul told me of the murder and gave me the details of funeral.  The surprise is the call for the final plea bargin is agreed to by the owners they remembered Andrew Gover.  Common grief….what SAPD did or did not do can be debated later. Tight memories of the two men who had aged point out where it happened. What the owners of the carwash speaks volumes of them compassionate souls honorable men. Thank you I will say.  The story goes……it’s a do it yourself car wash not the place you want to be early morning where Andrew Gover was. Like the death of a young person so much waste what Andrew could have been the world will never know. The stall where he was killed pointed out to me.

What is emerging is the call for the killer to come forward. Common faith in Christ a common thread emerges “Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand” many of us who knew Andrew Gover have been carried to a destination we could not have imagined ourselves being carried to. We know while the crime may not be solved on earth the killer is known God and quite shockingly we are fearful of his wrath to the killer time is slipping away.

Christ did not remove the convict from the Cross “This very day you will be with me in paradise” Bottom line the voices are many “Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand” common ground. Businessmen who could have been and should have been jerks no instead were fellow victims compassionate souls whose faith is manifested in action rather then words. To the killer of Andrew Gover who would recognize this spot it is not wrath but mercy you hear the executioner’s needle sent one man to heaven. There are many who desire you to behold the temple veil torn from top to bottom behold the risen lamb. The malice has been removed from hearts. The other side is a warning do not leave this world without bowing to the lamb surrendering to Messiah. The law on this side you might escape you reject the plea bargin offered through Christ the moment you die there will be hell to pay. The suffering you inflicted was not just on Andrew but many others and yes it still hurts even by the blood the lamb which can save you we have been liberated of our malice.

If you know anything about the case heard talk of the killer contact SAPD. Closure came April 11, 2007 I will admit relief June 16, 2010 the solving of this case would resolve much suffering.

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