Austin PAL Summer Show Part 3 words and photos licensed to participants only Esteban Erik Stipnieks




Change a child's life and change the world.  Be a father to the fatherless and offer a young woman a positive adult female role model and the potential in misery avoided is staggering.  Austin PAL (they are on facebook) is Austin Police Department preventing crime.  Due to early arrival I got to meet a couple of the Police officers involved....Cathy Haggerty, and the person shooting photographs for PAL and Phil who I already know.  You would have to be both foolish and heartless not to cheer on their efforts.  One is a former Peace Corps member.  As I write this a smile is on my face.  Austin PAL has a week long boxing clinic which has a smoker at its end.  The boxing program is featured but the explorer post is also heavily involved I witnessed part of the take down process after the show...the kids learned even valuable life lessons team work and service in that.

It was Moses Mendosa RSC #2 75lb JO

Monica Alvarez senior division open 124lb winner Feature Bout Gallery!

Blanca Scheurman outstanding female boxer of the event

Giovani Loya oustanding male boxer

Rockys boxing head coach team championship





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