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Male Boxing Past Events Photo Gallerys
Rendazzo Brothers show January 30, 2010 report and multiple galleries cold january meets hot am boxing

James Cantu preps for upcoming fight in San Antonio December
San Fernando Am event report and photos posted

Full report posted! Gallery and text! Randy's Ballroom Card September 26,2009 Proboxing returns!

Weigh in gallery and summary of odds and ends

Local Boxing card answers critics with drama, loyalty and compelling bouts with great collection of the most likeable boxers you are about to find out about!
Twas The Week before the weigh in Drama building on Undercard September 26 event Randys

Team Azteca Adding Real Drama to Local Fight card Randy's September 26,2009
Angel's Can They redeem pro boxing in San Antonio Randy's Ballroom September 26, 2009 San Antonio TX

Report and Gallery Rendazzo Brothers Show....for everything there is a first time


Am Action Garys full report! (10/31/09)
Air Force Boxing Championships I believe 07 part 1

Air Force Boxing Championships finals night 07 part II

Golden Gloves 08 one night

Friday 08 Golden Gloves Master List with links an full report

Oscar Diaz V Robert Valenzuela

Am boxing show at Agape Christian Center

Thursday Night 07 Golden Gloves

Golden GLoves 07 Wednesday Night

Julio Valadez Municipal Auditorium May 08 Pro Action

Air Force Boxing Team Training in San Antonio 08

Air Force Boxing Championships 07

AIr Force Boxing Championships 07 II

Armed FOrces BOxing Championship

James Cantu wins Municipal Auditorum May 08 Pro Debut

2007 Golden GLoves Friday Night


November 2007 Assorted bouts from Frank Erwin Center

Report from Frank Erwin on an entertaining card by RIchard Lord

Underexposed images form fight card 06 in San Marcos it was a good show

Saturday LBCs action 11/07

Golden Gloves 08 Saturday Master

San Fernando Smoker May of 08

Torres V Vera Gallery Municipal Auditorium May of 08

Wednesday Night Prelims08

Part II Wednesday Prelims Golden GLoves 08

Part III Wednesday Night Golden Gloves 08
Female Boxing Past Event Gallerys
Christina Ruiz looking for the eye of the tiger by Feb 11

2nd bout female gallery
female bout gallery 1st bout

extra photos of the gals who will fight for supremecy gates open 6:30 San ANtonio Event Center

Delay alters yet enhances fight card attack of the rhino virus and other future glory debuts while the gals remain on track for a battle to see who will be the next female boxing star

Celina V Christina Part III high heat for late fall! 

Celina Salazar training hard for December

special link for fans of female boxing

Celina Salazaar a Graceful Tejana Trains her part in September 26 Card at Randy's Ballroom can she fill Ron Simm's shoes?

1/3 sized Free Version of what is on Sue Fox's same photos 1/3 size with bonus commentary

Rivals Part 1 part of a series on upcoming fight card December 5 San Antonio Texas Christina Ruiz and her side of the rivalry

Weigh in report for December 17 card

Valeria Flores Participates in first female pro bout in New Braunfels Texas

Kathy Williams V Leona Brown Freeman Coloseum

Luara Serrano V Snodene Blackney Fox Sports Bout Sunshine Station

Golden GLoves 08 Gals coverage page

Golden Gloves BOut Ruiz V Moreno Photo Gallery 08

Part II of That Bout

Part III of that bout

Stacy Nakell V Tiffany Alejandra part 1 Golden Gloves bout 08

Reyes V Cruz Golden Gloves 08

Reyes V Crews II Golden Gloves 08

RodRiguez V Esparza Golden Gloves 08

Rodriguez V Esparza Part II Golden Gloves 08

Rodriguez V Esparza Part III

Bianca WInning at Frank Erwin Bro BOut

Terry Carrillo V Valeria Flores Part 1

Terry Carrillo V Valeria Flores Part II

Carolina Harris V Isabel Mayseng

Armed Forces BOxing Championshps Navy V Army Khara Keegan v Lopez

Partially removed Lupe V Nikki galley some photos still left

Terry Moss V Maribel Zurita

Tiffanny Alejanda V Ashley Reyes Golden Gloves 07

Valeria Flores V Carolina Harris Airport Convention Center

Maribel Zurita V Jay Vega Their bout at Sunset Station

Anderson V Pino Armed FOrces Boxing champnions

Lisa Avila V Sarah Nichols

Ruiz V Rodrigez Part III finals 08 GG

Ruiz V Rodriguez Part 1 08 GG

Ruiz V Scott Hear to Heart Smoker bout

Bianca Sparring

More Bianca sparring , more of the same , even more of the same

Golden GLoves O6 I believe Celina Salzar v Tiffany Alejandra

Golden Gloves 06 Erica V Angela

\Reyes V Alejanda Golden Gloves 08 part 1

Stacy Nakell V Garcia Golden Gloves 08 Part 1

Ortiz V Ruth Gonzales Golden Gloves 08

LBCs Gals BOut 07

Sunset Station Holewyne V  BRitt rescans

Goldeng\ Gloves 06 Janina V Karla Rendon

REescans Mia Ko'd in San Antonio V Rolanda ANdrew yes I shot those pictures

Stacy Nakell V Tiffany Alejandra part II

Bianca sparring to fight Maribel 1 link 3 parter

Stephany Gonzalez trains for a bout she wound up narrowly losing Jan 09

Tiffany V Ashley Golden Gloves 08
Part III of same bout

Zurita V Ledezma Link to part 1 of three parter all gallery is livea