Ausaboxing and Staba the Relationship:


The purpose of this editorial is to clarify the relationship has with  I will begin with the big issue money.  When I photograph a event generally speaking competition I am paid a $25 trip fee to help defray my personal expenses including web hosting.  In exchange I provide images of the bouts and the photos are posted on both my website and on stabas I allow amateur boxers/coaches/parents access to those images.  If you look at what professional photographers charge per photo....sometimes at events Mark Caloy requests additional images.  I am shooting with content in mind for my site but generally honor such requests for additional photos or different angles.  Boxing competitions are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC which means ausaboxing is acting as (media).  I go by my own rules and does not exercise control over EDITORIAL CONTENT.  Usually when issues crop up often there is a frank discussion about a the way I have discussed issues on the pro level with boxers and gyms.  I am not so as naive to believe that invites to events that are at times closed to the public and I get paid $25 to attend happen randomly after such frank discussions.   One crass politician said with a degree of honesty summarizied take money and favors from lobbying groups and still vote his conscience and the interest of his constitutents.






At events that CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC: Coaches Clinics, Registration, meetings the trip fee is PURELY FOR Photos and since the event CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC  any and all editorial content released and posted on is cleared by officials of ....Naturally what I see at a meeting goes into the OFF THE RECORD BACKGROUND which will naturally AFFECT how I cover certain issues.  This summer I photographed a boxer training for a major fight doing a report some of what I saw in the gym was before the fight and pre fight NOT FOR PUBLIC CONSUMPTION.  Naturally after the opponent of the local boxer got a not so pleasant surprise I was free to make light of.  Ausaboxing is concerned primarily about safety and rule UNLESS  fraud theft or criminal activity is involved is NOT A GREAT concern. 





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