Book 2 chapter 4 section 4 approach to Seguin The Bet Remembered Stupid Freshman is a redundant Term.   Tales of Dead Armadillo Novel By Esteban Erik Stipnieks all rights Reserved



Raul relaxed the 3200 it was simple eight laps on the track at Unicorn stadium. He was not quite at race pace but he was not sluffing. His sister seemed surprised that week. Things were getting complicated. They were also getting fun for Linda.  Amanda was happy Coach Bob had lampooned a freshman stupidity of Stephen King recalling the bet. The fact that people were surprised that the event happened also indicated something. She ran her five laps at a pace to flush out lactic acid from last night and start prepping. Lezlee had her face pink she had been a stupid freshman as well. She enjoyed the run and was focused.  Saturday was rapidly approaching. Coach Noel Scott had heard the story it was before a day. He was an assistant and he was watching the praying and mentoring be tested. Tara and Kimber were comrades though Tara was more sophisticated Kimber was learning. Julie was turning things on. On the guys side Ace had a tough row to hoe. Coach Noel could hear the fractures of the facade crumbling and a new one was being rapidly reconstructed. The team was every bit as powerful as he had heard. The girl’s team though seemed to be in Mark II configuration. It was better then he had hoped. Coach Bob may have been getting the glory but the two respected each other. As the two watched the workout, "I do not know if I have told you this but thanks for being a help this year." Coach Noel Scott responded glad it is working out. The workout had ended Friday with its expectations was approaching. He was aware of the drama going on but was unaware at the dynamic building. 

Stephen enjoyed the fact that the night was not cold. It was tight he hate enough got his homework done and was asleep by 10:00 so he snagged his min six hours of sleep. The Unicorns were playing at home that Friday night so again Friday diet was gong to be an issue and sleep was to. New Braunfels to Seguin was not that far. Dinner and nap Friday before the game seemed like a good option.

Fridays with the chilly air letter jackets were worn. They were symbols in the hall of a knighthood of sorts. The negatives were processed in the morning. Stephen was asked about the purpose of a Friday workout. Stephen King responded it is a systems check. It was running the engine warming it up keep the water from getting in the fuel and it also keeps team unity. Adjustments in plans were made off data on Friday.  Friday workouts were pre meet points. Stephen had to roll two rolls for his football shoot the previous night. The projection print scales had been helpful in reducing some print lab time they had also increased quality by a finer adjusting of the time to get the right exposure the net result was less lost paper. The whole process maintained a transition into meet mode. They also got to wear duds to wear the colors to the pep rally.

Coach Noel Scott walked the halls to his history classroom. The windowless building was depressing. He did have a pair jams and in his car there was a pair of glasses his hair would be part of Unicorn spirit through the decades. A long surf board was in the back of his Ford Pickup. He also had a CD of Beach Boys. The principal had dropped by with 1960s Unicorn football jersey. The principal asked how the team was going. Coach Noel Scott responded, "Expect a stronger showing this weekend. The boys are hungry again the injuries hurt not having a JV hurts but Tom is a strong leader and Dennis will show up to cheer there are several servant leaders on the team that is its strength." Coach Bob knew about some of the partying on the team he wondered what would happen if New Braunfels Police Department busted all the parties. The conflict of the school raged right beneath the surface. Special had been the first victim. Stephen voiced his opinions from time to time his action had stunned many but the way he moved on since a Christian Noel Scott could not overtly be vocal about his faith. Yet Stephen had learned much from in living his faith in the Christian world. He also knew that a couple runners had gone clean simply for practicality to increase performance. The question for him was could the talent on the boys squad now diminished be utilized to its full force without blowing the team to bits. Tom was having to play the role of cool cat he was everybody’s older brother. Bo had gotten somewhat less sarcastic.  Tom had supposedly rebuked him about the photo.  The manifold pressure of the guys squad and engine temps were right at peak. 

It was off to the locker room after Ace explained to his yearbook teacher how he was going to shoot the game. She wanted quality work and was glad he had been producing it. Coach West had complimented and the football team had made it known to her that his work was appreciated. In the locker room, Bo suggested that they get their name on the back of T-shirts from the logo place Walnut and I-35 the idea was a good one the iron on letters in Unicorn blue were only 75 cents a letter. Tom said it was a good idea. Serg smiled a bit. The team agreed to put them on by next week. Bo agreed to talk to Amanda. Stephen said he would bring the idea to Kimber and Tara. Bo said "You are ignoring Anna" Coach Bob said "Coming up Seguin that might be a good thing...that last thing I want him to do is make a bet with her like he did the last time we ran in Seguin." Coach Noel was preparing for the skit. Raul asked finally hungry for the details the bet and other remarks had been made, "What happened in Seguin?" Serg said, "He had a bet with Anna if he finished in the top 10 she would go with him on date...he ran 4:50 first mile and then faded worse then Aero did at Medina Valley." Thomas said "Well at least as freshman his eyes and balls worked properly." Stephen King replied "I just developed a taste for hidden manna starting 6pm May 1 1991." Coach Bob chimed in "I'll take the current Senior over the stupid freshman he does have a pair Tuesday he showed it."  Bo snickered everybody knew what happened.  Ace smiled.  Bo's laugh had served as a rebuke to Raul.  Coach Bob then said "Ace better show up tomorrow."  They changed quickly. The workout was a half up six strides quarter down and attendance at the pep rally.

Tara and Amanda were told of the idea. The idea of T-shirts with nicknames was quickly accepted by the team. Unicorn Stadium was the site of the workout. Julie jogged her half up cruising a bit. She could feel a change in the wind. The direction of the wind was good. Anna had brought up the bet....the freshman year before the course. Tara had actually quoted scripture in the locker room. The idea of placing names on the back of T-shirts was nice. Julie paid attention to her form as did the strides. Simply put it was systems check time. It was all done in a methodical manner. She grabbed some Exceed and the group did a diminished number of crunches and push ups.

Bo cruised his half mile up. It was not smoking but the pace was real. It was essentially like a run up check at the end of the runway. He had almost forgotten about the side bet that cost JV boys first place at district. Coach Bob joking about it was kind of funny. Ace had been blushing. He looked at Aero, “You better put on French Fries on the back of your shirt” Aero seemed sheepish. Tom emphasized the point as they were now near where the vomit had occurred.

Amanda was near Stephen King "So you are on varsity?" Ace responded, "Yep and the boys are going to play second fiddle to the girls." She could feel that he was getting down on himself. They were doing the strides together. As the second one was completed "At least the systems check is coming out next and the course is not without its advantages for me." Amanda said, “Don’t be so hard on yourself you have earned the nickname Ace and keep living up to it.” She continued, "You have changed the style of team discipline a bit." Stephen Ray had confessed to his sister about the Walnut diversion.  Ace had blasted Stephen but left it at that.  It was the first time the two had actually showed each other a friendship beyond the standard team. Stephen was surprised. They did two more strides. Stephen thanked her. Another two strides were done. Bo got near Ace "Ready to run tomorrow?" Stephen replied, "Yeah I will see your butt disappear.” Bo laughed. Thomas and Mike joined for the last two strides. Serg commented, "No hard feelings if you dig like made us dig." The statement was two fold. It was a statement that the drug them into something they did not want to do. It also was clear that while being a Senior Serg had not accepted him as real varsity material. Bo replied,” You think he is going to wus out he has to live down some embarrassment.” He said with a warm but funny tone to his voice. Bo was joking in a good-natured manner. Stephen Ray joked, “I will tell her to flash you only if got us secured in first place the final quarter mile.” Ace was red in the face. Anna’s laugh had a flirt in it.  "You no I might."  Ace responded "I will stop at that point don't."  She understood he was suddenly serious.    

The team walked together back to the locker rooms.....district was approaching over the horizon. Seguin had been the site of a major meet. They were going to enjoy the pep rally they were going to be mentioned along with the volleyball team. The JV boys football team victory that night was a good start to the weekend at Unicorn land. Coach Noel Scott was waiting in a hall he saw the girls walk out of the dressing room into a corner of the pep rally. He had had snagged the long board from his truck. They joined in the gag to the beech boys tune Unicorn pride the through the decades. The crosscountry team cheered on their own Coach West gave awards to the football team. The principal of the high school lead the traditional "Hey Blue Clap Clap" bit. The drum line rolled . Stephen knew how the bit had changed a bit since his time as a student at Seele. He still loved it. The earplugs worked in making the noise tollerable. All the other teams were recognized and cheered. Bittersweet was the flavor of New Braunfels. The Alma Matre still had its anthem effect. JROTC duty was to follow Tara was going to play the role of Coach's daughter he had a detail to run photos to take. Stephen had avoided Kamikaze position on some plays kneeling down with Tom behind him as a trainer. He had avoided the rumor he could run faster backwards then he could forward it was to come. All of that went through his head as the fight song was played and he headed out to his car he would eat three hot pockets drink some grapefruit juice then nap.

While Stephen was shooting the game, Dennis came up to him and encouraged him. He also gave him a cup of Gatorade. Tara was in the student section. Stephen had to run back once to avoid getting hit. Coach Noel Scott was watching the game “Well it will be consistent from 2 schools you do run faster backwards with a camera attached and jeans.“ He stayed long enough to get a good shot of the action. Tom heard the camera click "I hope it was worth it." The two teammates laughed. As the food was brought up to, the press box after it Stephen finished his second roll and caught the winning touch down by the Unicorns. Near the end of the game Stephen quipped, “Good news no other teammates arrested tonight.” Tom replied, "You are twisted.” Stephen replied, “Gotta laugh to keep from crying besides next week I am burning up a whole lot of Schlitterbahn cash.”



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