Chapter 5 Section 3 Ready for the Dual Meet Tales of Dead Armadillo Novel by Esteban Erik Stipnieks All Rights Served



Wednesday rolled in and the meet was staring the group in the face.  It was time to wear his JROTC uniform.  The workout was going to be light.  The boots had been well worn yet the carried a black mirror shine.  The button of his dead classmate and a ribbon adorned his back pack.  Stephen had snagged six hours of sleep.  His demeanor was changed.  Tara was beginning to understand.  Amanda asked him how was the night was he replied "Never thought I would measure myself with a trip to Denton.”  Tara was surprised Denton had been a place Ace put up with.  Now it was clear their was sentiment for it.  The grief was on his face.  He then added the shock was over.  A change had visibly occurred.  Less violent would be his reactions to the reminders more tears though would come.  She was beginning to understand.  Brad looked at him when he saw the saw the button and ribbon on the back pack.  "Did you know her, none of your friends have been raped or murdered."  Brad backed off.  Ace finally summarized his position "Purity can be restored after innocence is lost....failing to deal with the the obvious is far more dangerous Even if the wrong is not acknowledged is still there" 

In the locker room Stephen carefully placed the ribbon and button on his Denton T-shirt with his nickname Ace before he removed his cammies.  Noel Scott asked "How was it?"  Stephen King replied "Never thought I would miss Denton the suicides at least made sense."  Coach Scott replied "Honor her memory Thursday."  Ace replied "Absolutely"  Coach Bob heard the line and realized what it meant.  Something between the two.  It was a line only his assistant could say.  Tom saw the grief now not being hidden.  He saw the picture said "She is pretty."  A tear emerged from Stephen's eye "Her summer will last forever."  He told the story of words said in passing as if unloading a burden.  Jesse did enough for the two to bring the jerk offs to justice.  Coach Noel Scott "Remember the gospels Stephen if you profess your Christian faith…” Stephen winced his older brother just threw down the gauntlet.  Serg seemed surprised.  Ace looked at him "Coach Noel is right."  The statement was even more surprising to Serg.    

The group walked out of the boy’s locker room.  Tara recognized the picture.  Amanda saw the photo button and realized it was a real person.  Tara recognized the photo.  Stephen King replied "I never thought I'd miss it and use it as a nav check."  Leisha did not recognize the face she had gone to a different jr high.  Julie could see the grief "Was she a Christian?"  Stephen nodded I have not prayed for her murderer yet.  The statement was a confession of sin.  Tomorrow's race would be in her honor.  There was an 800 six strides Ace was satisfied not perfect but it would do.  Systems....ready for the meet. 


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