Tales of Dead Armadillo a Novel about Crosscountry Running and New Braunfels 1993 work by Esteban Erik Stipnieks All Rights Reserved



Friday morning at school the team showed up with nicknames on the back of the shirts flush with the victory.  The cheerleaders had their normal duds and the monoceras wore their own clothes.  Yet with the announcement that the Unicorns had defeated the Tivy Antlers in a dual meet at Schreiner.  Thomas and Mike had done their bit.  There was applause in the classrooms for those cross-country runners.  For Ace the day was work handling the photos for yearbook and newspaper but did feel nice to have a weekend off now he had to find away to avoid his folks.  Dennis and Paul had their football letter jackets along with the fact they were injured.  They did make it known their pride in their teammates defeating the Antlers.

Amanda and Tara were together at the Pep rally.   The team was told to raise their hands to receive applause after their commanding victory over Kerrville.  They had two more meets before district.  The girls team had been together.  The boys were together.  They received applause.  Tara and Amanda were cheering on along with Linda, Julie, Allison the whole girls team Anna as she lead a group in a dance number.  Kathrine Whe led a cheer and her teamates also cheered her on.  Kimber was with them.  Tara loved the pep rally.  Tara's dad spoke about their game against Tivy and he said "We will hand them their fourth defeat of the week at the hands of the Unicorns.”  This brought a cheer.  Amanda was realizing what was happening.  Stephen was hardly alone.  He was direct but he spoke what others had dared not speak.  As she saw Noel Scott and Skarovosky do a skit she could see another vision emerging. 

Bo was only halfway surprised to see Stephen come up behind the group of guy crosscountry runners.  The smell of the fix though was noticeable and he could smell Stephen coming before he saw him.  The chemical order was that strong.  Bo wondered how Ace as he was now slowly be called could eat.  As Stephen King approached he heard of a party plan for Saturday.  As the aroma of the chemicals caught the team's attention Raul's head turn and Stephen's eyes made contact along with Serg and Thomas along with Michael’s the line rolled out "I guess your word is not your bond."  Thomas and Mike looked "We are going we are not drinking."  Ace smiled.  He left it at that.  French Fries, “Yeah great way to greet your teammates.”  Bo snickered.  Tom replied "He's just acting like Coach Noel."  The line was meant to diffuse some tension.  It worked.  For Stephen it was a token protest.  He did hope the party would not be busted.  Amazing how many parties were not busted in the town.  He then said ready to get recognized?  They nodded.  Noel Scott did great in his skit.  The guys enjoyed the double reference to their victory the night before.  As Kathrine Whe cheered her teammates cheered her on.   Tom made a comment she is fine.    The Alma Matre followed by the fight song.

Stephen walked by Shawmkrugs walking home the football team was getting their pre game meal there before going off to Tivy stadium.  He greeted Bull and Al they saw him go by and he said "You know I will be cheering you on."  Stephen made it to his house his father would be there.

Amanda could not go to the game in Kerrville.  She would spend a Saturday at Northstar Mall. 

Stephen King would head to his old mentors place and print photos to buy more flight time in the Comanche the photos were appreciated.  It was also a relief from his parents the team had been an escape as well as cause.  Tara would celebrate a victory for the Unicorns that night and Saturday enjoy a rare day of leisure. 

Tom being a student trainer would be busy that Friday night and catch up on sleep Saturday.  Raul did attend the party with his sister....she did not drink but she hung around. 

Sunday rolled around for church.  Tara, Amanda, and Stephen King went to Fellowship Bible San Antonio.  For Amanda it was watching a plane crash yet she was drawn to it and realized something was working.  For Stephen King it was a safe harbor with a demand to it.  The pastor was demanding pushing Stephen.  It was learning a new thing.  They were also told to run on their own once that weekend to stay fresh.  The mileage would be 2-3 miles everybody desiring the sweet flavor of victory did it 


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