Book II Chapter 1 Medina Valley Chronicles section II Tuesday Esteban Erik Stipnieks all rights reserved



Tuesday the meet was slowly taking shape in the mind of the team.  Stephen King was welcomed to the football table.  Tara's dad had implied he had gone jock. His office was decorated with some of the photos Stephen King took.  The football team had been softened additionally by Dennis who while not the stud on the team but was respected.  Word had gotten out that Stephen King would be shooting the spread of the team and for the school newspaper he was welcomed as their press agent.  It was suprising to him.  He noticed, Serg at one table, Kimber, Tara and Amanda were eating together.  Al reminded him "You are a big man on campus even if you do not know it."  Stephen knew the power he chose not to use it.  Stephen never fully accepted the role his mom's authority would play in his social life.  Knowing the alcohol consumed on weekends at the table made Stephen King uneasy at best.  The tension was beneath the surface he relished his friends.  Yet their anger he was harboring to some he ate with.  He did not like the hypocrisy.  He was surprised at how well he was received in the lunch room overall.  The lunch was big and eaten fast.  There would be another long run ahead. 

 Stephen King previously explained how in the end to his yearbook teacher how it helped team cohesion he just had to work more other time to pull his share of the yearbook duties.  Things were just about ready for his role to fully express itself as freshman had been trained. He did have to check in and then wait.  He did check his assignments he would have to do a football practice that next Wednesday it would be a brief run by his larger lens allowed him to get facial expressions and not have to get in the way.  He headed to the locker room.

Once in the locker room Coach Bob announced to Stephen King that you guys will get an Encino today. Tomorrow you will go long before the taper off.  He wanted a little more heat adaptation.  Serg then asked "You are going to show you are a burrito?"  Raul seemed surprised that Stephen King would actually answer that question.  Serg explained "White on the outside brown on the inside."  Stephen King responded "Si." Coach Noel Scott made a comment you were the one who complained most about the cold weather.  Coach Bob said "He has more Speedy Gonzales in him then he looks right Troy?"  Troy nodded.  It was going to be a scorching Encino for everybody.

When they stretched Amanda said "Tara tells me you are looking forward to this... weekend and that you complained about the cold in Denton."  Tara in stretching circle made the comment "You were a whimp on cold days."  Bo seemed surprised he always was the nutball around here.  Tara quipped "Cold air made him soft."  The news was surprising to everybody.  Tara had a grin on her face and then said "I gotta keep him straight here."

The temp was near 100 as they did the two miles of Encino.  Golf course had been longer and hotter but the length of golf course the day before had added to the fatigue.  The girls were running longer distance.  Amanda had hinted to Tara that soon she would be part of the elite that would get to run guys workouts.  The group strung out slowly over the distance.  The adaptation to heat was occurring.  The jokes about Speedy Gonzales flew.  The distance was the girl’s race and for the guys it was not run smoking they knew they would do long tomorrow mileage base building so the workout was done just above a conversational pace  Then one by one they returned thirsty hot and sweaty eager for the cool Exceed the transition into the real season had begun. While the humor was there was also the acknowledgement of a very real challenge ahead and the test of the new team.  The new team was very different team then previous years.....for once the guys had talent.  Crunches and pushups were done realizing that this edition of the Unicorn crosscountry team was untried untested it like previous editions had the explosive personalty. 

Amanda had been processing when she ate dinner with her father...she like Tara was the only child.  Stephen King had not grown weaker but the fact that he complained about the cold and was a bit of a whimp was news to her.  She had not realized that Stephen King's force of his freshman year was raw anger over humiliation in middle school.  Bo in sixth grade had bullied Stephen.  The bullying had long been forgotten.  In reality it had not been but it was a piece of history revised out of the Unicorn sagas.  By unanimous consent it and the two year absence was written out of the history of the school.  Stephen and him were the freshman of the team and Stephen's courage and drive had started the friendship a new.  Stephen's freshman year was an attempt to get back with his class.  The idea of Stephen wilting in cold was oddly comical.

For Tara the team seemed shocked that the fanatic the team had known was actually a bit of complainer.  She talked to her dad.  He explained that Stephen King had a status and a love for the town.  While he flaunted his learning disability in Denton as a matter of fact of life in New Braunfels it had been the source of shame hidden with fire.  He understood.  Now Ace aka Stephen was on a mission.  He could feel what Stephen was trying to do.  Even Noel Scott seemed to be aware.  Another conspiracy was going on.  Ace while being the face of it was hardly the originator.  The plans were Tara's dad and Noel Scott's they were very much in control.   Stephen to some extent by ignoring his status in the school was throwing a brick at a window.  Noel Scott and him had heard it shatter.  They kept their snickering to themselves.  Both ex Denton Coaches have found themselves trying hard not to laugh at the chaos it was causing already.  Ace had taken advice and then realized its effectiveness.  Stephen's now casual nature about his learning disability was unnerving.  The brief conversation with her dad was insightful.   

Tara was the princess but she had a feeling she could get a way with more.  Her father made it clear that if he found out so much as 1 favor used she would be in trouble.  He made it clear he would find out.  Tara also told that Kimber.  Kimber had strongly encouraged her not to use the Princess of the high school status.  Kimber and her boyfriend were becoming aware of what was going on.  Tara was realizing what she had heard.  The idea of betraying the relationship she was developing with sisters in Christ Julie, Kimber and her brother Stephen was far worse then any punishment her father could dish out.  She starting to see the method behind Stephen King.  It was the first meet and hints of Amanda's hope that the girls would not be alone in their star status.


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