Tales of Dead Armadillo Part 2 Chapter 1 Medina Valley Chronicles Section Three the dare!



Wednesday meant for the guys not a bullet workout but a return of a nemesis the run to Pit stop where River Road met loop 337.  Coach Bob said "This is the last real blast of heat adoption and building up the mileage base."  Bo said "Ok you half speedy you asked for it."  Stephen King was quiet focused.  He simply asked "Bo have you ever been to regional's even as an alternate to a team?"  Bo said "No.” Stephen King replied “Its nice trust me it’s worth the effort.”  Stephen had adjusted with cocky tone.  Coach Bob with a suppressed chuckle said “If I did know better you are throwing down a dare.”  Stephen King replied "I think the girls might like us there not just to cheer."  Coach Bob had a smile on his face.  The second time the regional meet had been bought up by Stephen.  Coach Bob was starting to see pattern.  Echoes of private conversations the two have had were being vocalized in the locker room.  He was wondering if this a plan or not.  Stephen was translating a vision and doing it in a daring manner.  Mike said "You have been gone for 2 years."  Stephen King replied "I have you been to regional's! have you?"  Stephen's voice seemed daringly cocky.  He replied "No.”  Stephen replied "It would stink if my home team did not make it my senior year."  Coach Bob barely contained his laughter at the sarcastic antics.  Coach Noel Scott comment "Ace loved Denton because he had to love the one he was with."  Well played Coach Bob thought.     

The group stretched on the football field.  Raul was not aware of the Medina Valley mystique.  Tom knew it hot dusty with traffic a tough meet.  Bo did not like the course but had seen the wisdom.  Bo quipped "We got speedy Gonzales now so why not take it"  Speedy lived in Edinburg, Poteet, Sommerset Texas and was known for passing big white guys like they were standing still in the worst of the Texas heat. 

There was nothing fun about it a long run parallel to the loop. Steven faced the run with determination. Boring would be the way to describe it. The run itself bordered on the boredom that had been on a run like at the retreat. Stephen King felt regional was possible. He took off at a pace a notch beyond the Lactic Acid Threshold. This applied a little bit of pressure to Thomas and Mike. It was not much but it was there a steady incessant pressure that would leave people tired. Thomas, Mike and even Tom got more of a workout then they expected.   

The girls were unaware of what was going on in the guys.  Eden Home was long for most the girls.  Amanda, Linda, Tara, Leisha and the new girl Kim ran it.  They would be facing Medina Valley.  Anna and Lezlee did not like the race but each of the season's had brought their own courses so they were stuck three miles under a hot Texas sun.  It was going to be a long season.  Linda had tried to communicate that the girls would get the glory and guys were a side show.  Tara did not buy it she had been used to the guys being the star.  Amanda had accepted her role of superstar with grace.  Little did she know the freshman boys would do their bit. Someone on the guys team was viewing the season radically different then his teammates.  The Coaching staff had heard the taunts delivered in a daring manner.

The two groups met drinking exceed after their workouts were done at the Field house.  They drank Exceed pouring it down their respective mouths the cool liquid to everybody was nice. They were sweat soaked and tired.  The pushups and crunches ended the workout upper body strength and cramp prevention.  They were required to do 2 strides.

Thursday came Stephen King had accepted eating in the lunch room....7 laps for the girls a 3200 for the guys on the track.  The Newkers were running bleachers.  Paul was screaming at them like a mad man saying those competitive edge academy players were "SOFT" the sarcasm flew.  Bo replied "Are you soft Tom?"  Tom replied "Naah down to 7% body fat!"  Bo quipped "Raul's soft he's small like me!"  Mike replied "Can't wait to see if Gringo medio is soft when its Frio" 

Friday was a real taper down a Kohler was run.  It was just a matter of waiting for the first meet.  For the team it was quiet the freshman where about to face their first high school meet but were trying to look cool about it.  For everybody else it was anticipation.  Coach Bob had the workout light which was different then Coach Noel's philosophy but, as he saw the quick stretch and the casual run take off Coach Noel understood Stephen King more.  



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