Of Bullets, Press Conferences, Food, History, Racism and other Random thoughts while waiting for a Presser (photos and words Esteban Erik Stipnieks all rights Reserved)


Being on a media stage at the Canelo V Lara Presser is an interesting perch. Despite the heat Market Plaza offers a puro San Antonio back drop without desecrating a historical shrine. A critic of boxing familiar with San Antonio would find it highly appropriate live boxing in San Antonio at La Villita especially a female bout. Waiting for it to begin provided time for brain to drift. I do not consider myself truly San Antonian. While I spent the lions share of my first fifteen years of life within the range of San Antonio broadcast media and paper media New Braunfels was a zany entity unto itself the ethnicities and location of my family heavily contributing to the weirdness. My father and Colonel of German American descent made some Austin's weirdest history.

During the 1980s I watched a film on PBS and later at either the Alamo or Mission San Jose narrated by Ricardo Montobalhn about the San Antonio missions. It ended with the question "Where are the indians" the reply came back "they are everywhere" with San Antonio footage shout in Present Day San Antonio the Cohuiltecans settled down and helped make San Antonio. The Canary Islanders also remained. If one knows what to look for Spanish Colonial influence remains in the boxing world of San Antonio...that influence does a dance with Mexican History and other boxing news. This makes passing the time away easier as you witness the dance before your very eyes while waiting for a press conference to begin.

The very event that made folk heroes out of Pancho Villa and Emilio Zapata in Mexico was also very destructive if you were one of Europeans that Zapata would charge Profilio Diaz sold out Mexico to. Rage and revenge are rarely rational. Naturally revolutions need man power Villa reccruiting poster remained a recurring theme at Zarzamora St Gym the first decade of this millienum. Mi Tierra boasts a large painting of Emilio Zapata. Emilio is a given name to honor the man who inspired the movie Viva Zapata. Zapata was executed.

Families can exist on either side of borders in the turn of the 20th century travel between Mexico and South Texas was possible... A largely Spanish famly straddling both sides of the border could remain in touch his was the case of Martinez's and Ruizs. The trouble was some of Ruiz wound up on the wrong side of the revolution and had to leave Monterrey for Southern California. A descendant of this branch of the family with the nicknameis quite fitting.

Allies united by a common foe often turn on each other once the foe is defeated and the prize is a nation....Carranza, Zapata, and Villa fought amoungst themsleves after those who were Profilio Diaz's heirs were defeated. The Zurita v Ledezma bout had revolutionary overtones of betrayal and revenge. It was on a card that set into motion a tradgedy. The gringo hired by the camp that lionized Villa as hired gun died now the Patriarch of the camp that Lionized Villa is also dead. Revolutionaries often have trouble dealing with day to day circumstances such as compensating those who fought for them. As was the aftermath for a trainer and boxer both with roots in Monterrey Mexico after a battle that occured in Maverick Plaza(photos of fight) where a boxer of primarily Spanish extraction was defeated. In hindsight it would be dang funny if her ancestors fought for Carranza. Naturally boxer involved has every right to be angry. s that went unpaid for despite a belt around their waist.

I expected a warm reception for Canelo and well I wondered how many fans in San Antonio love the pale skinned red haired man because the ethnicity of his name. The Bible says let him first remove the plank from their own eye before an attempt of splinter removal from the eye of another. As a boxing fan I can be jingoistic to but not in favor of those who happen to the same family line I share with Bullet. Frankly a comment on social media implying that because the ethnic background of a person they would kill you because of your ethnic background if you two want the same piece of Coastal property is at the very least jingoistic to the extreme. The comment was made by a Latvian (myself) to a classmate of Russian descent. The jingistic commend was made in context references the ethnic cleansing Latvian legion humor is still SS humor even if it is conscripted...besides how would Putin react when finds out the Soviets were defeated by the SS man's baby half brother in September 1989 when the baby half brother represented Estados Unidos. That fact should have satisfied the ethnic blood lust. That is certainly more repulsive cheering for a boxer with a last name of your ethnicity over a citizen of that nation you vote in(Canelo v Trout). The question is was it worse than implying a half hispanic boxer has promise because they are half hispanic? Needless to say that comment is ethnocentric humanity is but 1 race. Before we advocate property be taken from a bigot we must take a look at ownselves we just might be the bigot. My actions at times have mocked the words of the book I am supposed to heed in Christ their is neither jew nor greek slave nor free.

Now when is the thing supposed to begin? How on earth did I wind up next to a guy from Waco (memories)of being on the road betwen that strange neighborhood in New Braunfels and the city that made it weird Denton! Waco was the halfway point on the road journey I grew to hate in high school. How should I handle Steven Hall on the May 17th card? Yes I would like a margarita from Mi Tierra complete with its great picture of EMILIO ZAPATA but I am driving home. Sure is big turn out hope the Leija Battah Golden Boy cards keep coming....how many autographs signed will wind up on ebay tonight...


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