Am boxer Cano arrested for Murder commentary by Esteban Erik Stipnieks  Rudy Cano who trained at Team Azteca boxing club from time to time and participated in the San Antonio Regional Golden GLoves knew better.  Emilio Ledezma warned boxers to avoid some events because there situations that well have less then desirable outcomes.  Emilio Ledezma was angry and upset when he related the news.  On a personal level I knew him....that is why I find most irritating.  He did play the gangsta rap in the gym much to the annoyment of other boxers at the gym. 

On a personal level I knew Cano.  Cano heard the scars I have from being personally effected by a news story in Denton June 1993.  I remember the execution of James Lee Clark.  Cano might have even heard why a certain Nirvana song brings back grief and memories that time has not diminished.  Cano heard why I avoid Hildebrand and Broadway and how looking at  Ticket from a September 1990 concert at the Sunken Gardens Theatre brings memories and grief.  Knowing all this he allegedly took the life another human being.  My head is shaking anger is being felt.   


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