Lessons on the Course Applied To the Ring Boxing and Cross-country Meet adding Silver lining to Bleak Night editorial Esteban Erik Stipnieks


They were two of us involved.  Both boxers in the past both of us cross-country runners.  The lessons learned in cross-country in high school so long were applied in a matter of life and death.  Doing 800's on a team bound for regional glory inevitably a vow is made quietly but the vow is real a force to be reckoned with.  What happened in Iowa February 5th 2011 was disgusting and preventable.  Never underestimate the conscience and drive of two cross-country runners who also know the exhilaration of the ring.  I got the credit others worked behind the scenes.  I had a teammate who ran cross-country they might have run Dallas, I might have raced against them in San Antonio that person does not want to be revealed.

For those boxers I am writing this for two sites cross-country runners are often on the freak side of jockdom.  Research into topics comes second nature.  The Doctor who had a deplorable record was researched by a cross-country runner.  The quiet discipline of off season was highlighted the conversion of passion to rational action is common the course.  My teammate did this for me.  In your really successful teams there is the leader who quietly dares those to greatness.  In the editorial's evolution a chew out occurred.  Because of the chew out I spent time on the phone with Iowa the smoking gun about the wrong doing was uncovered.  The fact that ABC did the right thing was due to the sweat of others who dared me to seal the deal.  There are things in the cross-country runners life that prepare them for waiting on hold for over 20 minutes to get the information. 

As for what happened In Iowa NEVER AGAIN! The compassion that was stirred by many people the editorial shows how many things went completely wrong that boxing people were horrified and angry about.  I do not know what the Iowa AG, Johnson County DA, did after I faxed the complain.  Wrongdoing that I consider criminal occurred.  That is the darkside.  The other side is two former boxers who remembered the lessons of a cross-country course ran a race for boxers so that it would never happen again. 


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