Celina Salazar Female boxer with interesting Day job Words and Photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks Celina Salazar and Team Ramos have repo rights with Photo Credit. 


Would you believe their are probably alligators not to far from here? The bloodiest battle in Texas history, Rio Medina occurred most likely within 10 nautical miles of here. When you hear the words South Texas you imagine sandy soil mesquite trees wind and oil wells. Alligators long ago killed off have returned. What is special about the scene…..it’s the work place for one of San Antonio’s female boxers Celina Salazar.

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A recovering busted lip from a sparring session made for an interesting workplace conversation with a client. Let’s face it if you saw Celina on the street and talked to till she brought up boxing you would never guess. It is office work, in of all places a cemetery. Yes there is an oil well in the cemetery. Also many of the graves within the cemetery indicate the tight bonds within la familia. The echoes of New Spain remain quite loud down here below Mission Espada. There is ironic twist the body of the father of her rivals trainer lies in the ground that her trainer and her help direct.



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