Celina Salazar Trains for Title Shot (before and After Signing contract) Words Photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks All Rights Reserved


The two armies were doomed in a real sense one was rapidly covering ground in pursuit of rag tag group of hard scrabble improvised militia racing against the logistical clock in a gamble that final violent confrontation would happen before supplies ran out the other army was meant to secure the peace a jack boot placed on the neck so that no other militia activity could reignite and start the whole war for independence all over again. As I said both armies were doomed because El Norte could be unpredictable and fickle climatically speaking. larger photo Celina getting rapped

larger photo Celina Shadow boxing

On the maternal Celina Salazar is closely linked to this action her mother's family largely Spanish extraction settled on the frontier near the Texas Coast that doomed created so much misery for Santa Anna's army. It was an area General Urrea's Calvary cut through. The fact that Johnathon W Jordan in the book Lone Star Navy points out was that a couple not so minor events in Gulf made it possible for San Antonio to celebrate Fiesta. Two ships with vital supplies bound for the most climatically stable portion of Texas were captured forcing the Mexican Army to live off a land that was for a large army unlivable. Strangely enough the past is relevant to both aspects of this story.

Mathis lies north of the mouth of Nueces River which before the events of San Jacinto 1836 was the border of Texas. General Filisoa and General Urrea probably encountered the property owned by Celina's Salazar's ancestors on the maternal line and well because the lack of food on the large ranch. It takes more than shoe leather tough beef to feed an army some grains and beans would be nice. well lets just say Filisoa's larger force retreated back to Mexico along with Urrea's Calvary. I am not saying that the Texas Coast was rough but then again the Karakawa peoples realized that slathering alligator grease with its not so pleasant odor sure beat getting eaten alive by mosquitos. The region of Texas was simply put the doom of two Armies the second one being eliminated without a direct shot being fired in anger. One thing about Celina is face it we are still dealing with values of La Fronterra and the peak of Spaniard colonial society. Which one could hardly describe as royally weak. Bernando Tamez's children and grand children were filled with KNEE KNOCKING DREAD if they dared do or failed to do certain things. The weather conditions for Celina's post contract signing workout would have made for interesting writing in De La Pena's diary in which a pleasantly warm day became rapidly chilly. One does not have to go far at all the find a house without AC on the Texas Coast in Celina's family history. There are many more pleasant cities in Mexico to endure a night without AC than the area around Mathis. I include TiaJuana.

Celina Salazar signed the contract to face Yazmin Rivas March 14 they are still looking for a venue for WBC title. Strangely enough Shelly Vincent who passed on Celina has decided to fight Christina Ruiz an event made possible by both the Texas Navy and Sam Houston. If I where Shelly Vincent I would have made the same decision. I will admit there are some things I would like not have been trained in some local fighters including discussion tonight by the same token well its supremely logical to take the trainer from San Antonio who has some tactically inappropriate reactions that are hard motor programs as compared to some skills that are trained like a line from Traveling Wilbury's song about Tweeter and the Monkey man. No perhaps the previous comments diffuse criticisms made at me for being the consummate homer. Familia does not quite get a pass.


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