Chapter 5 Like and Old Suit of clothes from deep in the closet.  Tales of Dead Armadillo Novel about Crosscountry Running by Esteban Erik Stipnieks



Monday of school for Stephen King was a return to familiar territory realizing how much he had changed.  For Tara she saw the quirks of the high school displayed she was the daughter of and friend of member of.  She was known by her position.  It was somewhat privileged position and teachers treated her as such.  The surprise to her was shocking.  Noel Scott had warned her and  her father had warned her she acted "Denton."  She better not fully assimilate though.  It was brushed off as failure to assimilate.  Stephen King had not exaggerated about that quirk.  Crosscountry class was looked forward to.

Coach Bob greeted his team "We got 2 weeks till our first meet its hot out there."  He continued "I checked I can take you to river as long as I do not tell you to jump in."  The team smiled.  Stephen King was in yearbook he started the tradition of asking to attend the crosscountry workout.  He got permission to head to the locker room. 

Stephen King was given a lock for his locker since the arrangement had been talked about in the yearbook conference.  He would be given permission to run with the team so long as he did the work.  Stephen King had skipped lunch and reported he had used the equipment in the lab and been briefed on it.  Bo said "Ready to see the old home course?"  Stephen King smiled "Run to the river?"  Tom said "You got it."  Stephen King got his shorts out his back pack and quickly changed.  Tom would do the honors of stretching out the team.

Comal river Hinman Island park photo Esteban Erik Stipnieks

The run to the river for Coach Bob kept the team cool relaxed and allowed relationships to continue to grow for the next week.  The team was a collection of people from different aspects of the high school life.  Tara and Kim were the new girls Kimber had welcomed them in.  Stephen King had gotten shy and kind of holding on the outside of team.  The run got him smiling.  Bo was the jokester sense of fun needed.  Serg could be the smart alec the leader of crew. His line "I am going to be real wetback today."   Aero had the talent and him and Raul took off fast. The run allowed the team more time to get to know each others quirks. 

The Comal was fun the team briefly played their water soaked bodies were comfortable in the run back to school.  It was a fun thing to do the first day of school a comic relief before things would change.

The first week of the school was a step up after the run to the river.   Guys faced golfcourse.  Girls were running Eden Home the first real speed workout would be Wednesday night that brought 6 X 200s.   Friday was an Eden Home the weekend the last calm weekend for a long time.  Coach Noel Scott saw the amount of time Coach Bob ran.  He ran with the team often.  He was getting somewhat slower so he was now running with the girls now.  Coach Noel was watching the team work and the small town.  He realized he was glad to be it would also be a trial of sorts for him.  The week was fast from introduction of the classes to first school work and learning to live without windows.  By Friday he was finding how accurate the depiction was by Stephen King.  Coach Noel, Tara's dad and Tara were figuring that a window was one of the most underrated building features.  Tara had fit in some with Amanda at church First Baptist and Stephen King was getting his partial Denton exposure at Fellowship Bible.  Denton Bible had been basic training.  Fellowship Bible while being less formal had a real intensity.  The expectations were clear.  The second week of school passed quickly the team was getting faster and the anticipation grew end of the third week would be the first of 8 meets including district. 



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