Controversy Additional Photos and Video Link( photos and commentary Esteban Erik Stipnieks)



I admit to curiosity.  So I was a bit surprised when I read Laredo Morning Times link.  Mandy has been covered by the reporter a bit less than I have covered Christina Ruiz.  On the moral ground any evangelical will tell you it is impossible to remove personal bias from reporting short of an act of God.  To claim I am not biased in some way to Ruiz is a lie.  It was only after the Nohime Dennison fight that I found out Ruiz and I were relatives.  I have covered in depth probably the most controversial incident involving Christina Ruiz in Iowa city.  To be fair to Fuentes....any rational observer should note that Emilio Ledezma (Ruiz's trainer) was too close to the event.  This seems to be a violation of the spritit of the law separating boxers and promoters.  One of Ruiz's gymmates was KO'd that night and the other had to pull out.  Writing this editorial was not a delebrate on my part it covered boxing saftey! A not so delicate warning to team Ruiz!

I have waited about week for another site to post some additional photos of the fight that I had sent.  Since the sight has not I will.

so you can decide for yourself if I spiked as the hitting on break. you decide as well.  An eye wtiness also observed round 2 and 3 the fight was close.



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