Latina Heat Anayeli Trains for Debut May 9th report and photos Esteban Erik Sitpnieks


When I covered the press conference at the Cadillac Bar I mentioned cross-country running. My take on Kirkland leaving Ann Wolfe was not too well liked. In the boxer Anayeli Segura both elements manifest themselves on Scratch Hard promotions card May 9th San Antonio Event Center.

Time marches on and When Anayeli Segura was at Eddison High school Maribel Zurita was fighting and fighting hard and local rivalries consisted of former gym mates Terry Carrillo and Valeria Flores fighting Isabel Mayseng had some battles of her own at Randy's Ball room. Anayeli was running cross-country and track for Edison high school while all this was going on and despite in her opinion not well coached only made it regionals in both track and cross-country. I will add that a well-coached Dyspraxic athlete competing in those sports would be happy with a letter jacket. District cross-country meets in South Texas are about as competitive as the stampedes for Cabbage patch dolls before Anayeli was born. In short there is athletic talent lurking in Anayeli who moved from Mexico City (a city that has produced one female boxer of note Laura Serrano).

Anayeli said she has been training for this fight about a month but had kept in shape via running. She pointed out that boxing and running ARE NOT the same thing. For instance sliding into auto pilot with less than full concentration on a cross-country course might cost you places. In boxing it is a great way to be defeated painfully. Your most devout cross-country runner would be stunned at the fatigue that can develop working the heavy bag hard for three minutes. In a bout your opponent will be more than happy to reduce your oxygen supply if given an opportunity to do so. I have eaten body shots from now one of the coaches at the gym Chato that made this painfully evident. (He is pictured in one of the shots not looking like he did when fought James Cantu he is now coaching). Despite this what I saw in the gym was impressive. When Anayeli worked the mitts I thought how appropriate Ann Wolfe's picture was on the shirt she wore.

There is also the factor of coaching in which Anayeli and Emily are evenly matched. Emily has been trained by a man who helped Valeria Flores have a winning record as boxer in San Antonio and even as an opponent produce some one real surprise despite a less than pretty weight loss profile. The taller boxer in the black won the fight and Emily's husband was in her corner at Randy's.

Watching the workout was Anayeli's niece who posed with her Tia after the workout. This might be one of the more thrilling bouts with a ton of action seething with aggression or it is possible Anayeli may just live up to the woman on her T-shirt who ended more than a few fights well short of their scheduled distance.

It would not be the first time females stole the show at San Antonio Event Center Celina and Christina had their rivalry explode there as well. Tickets sold at Rangels bail bonds San Fernando Gym for info call (210)900-9397


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