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Idle time and Facebook can often be a lethal combination especially if a mind altering chemical is involved. The problem which mind alter substances and verbosity existed before Twitter and Facebook. One has to wonder if "the redneck nerd in a bowling shirt" was not "guzzling lone star beer" would he have found out the hard way that "They ain't making jews like Jesus anymore." Perhaps I am reading too many Kinky Friedman novels. Now put the person in a position of authority and well things can get interesting. One Face book page I monitor is the chairman of WIBA who is now entering the picture. I will not say for sure that a mind altering substance is part of the issue but at times looking at that feed reminds me of some rich kids who through wild parties in high school. This would not be an issue but well he called a world champion female boxer a cunt as they fought for a title in Argentina....it was either Cindy or Amanda Serrano who fought. I am not talking about the Latina from Mexico in both these pictures. Though one wonder if the name Serrano generates hate in Wissow.

At times sexist comments by Jewish males can be funny if there more than enough context to reveal they are made in parody. A period piece from the 1970s tells a woman "To get your biscuits in the oven and your buns in the bed" and also tells her to go "Liberate the sink." One can see a grumpy old man wondering what the heck was happening. Men can lampoon their own weakness and insecurity especially when the winds of change are blowing. I will add the song is pretty funny when you had a dad who did not know his way around the kitchen and without Wela you would have starved. Seriously how much cooking do you think Central officer staffers do for their own children when they still have the title of Bilingual ed administrator NBISD. Strong men can make fun of themselves and even laugh at their own weakness. Ryan Wissow is no Kinky Friedman. Meanwhile Ruiz has blundered into a battle and the battle reveals a greater boxing truth.

Ahh the ugly side of boxing a female boxer who cleanly for the most part whups on Ana Julaton can't get a fight because well she hates the business side of it meanwhile an aspiring Phillipina boxer in San Antonio is surprised to find out that Julaton lost her last boxing match to a female from San Antonio. One boxer talks one does not. Ryan's On the Record comments are not kosher or Christian. I recall seeing the birth of fury and taking the side of the boxer who photographed pitching the WIBA title belt into the dumpster. If you are going to make a criticism of an alpha female make it on substance like the Tufts University International Relations Major who thought Romney was incorrect about Putin. Or compare the woman's libber who raced motor cycles against men and whose war winning device produced one of WWII's most racy double meanings (Ms Shillings orafice)compare her to the progressive woman who filed for divorce from her husband the 2nd his check cleared paying off her loan for law school. Its not that criticizing accomplished females is verbotten if you are a male but you have to directly address what is wrong. You can be funny if you are on topic!

You are offered a fight for a world title and this time you may get paid for it. Where is the public relations wisdom that handled the Lahood campaign that secured Tea Party votes for him despite the comments that revealed the Bexar County DNC chairman might have had his Cabeza up his colla. That advice would have been nifty. Right now Tyreshia Douglas and Christina Ruiz appear to be scabs breaking a strike. Last I checked this morning on www.womenboxing.com the fight is still listed as TBA despite three other links showing it is V Ruiz. Putting something on the editorial spike is not quite as bold as criticizing it but denying an event some attention if you are a major site is a great way to do some damage to it. I may not have liked some of what a publicist for Battle of the Ballpark said but some of his improvised commentary while waiting for a scale to appear at the weigh in regarding the ability to sell tickets vital for getting fights is right on the money. Putting the Bexar County DA's race into history in terms of money spent on DA campaign as an in kind donation I do not think the man with PR knowledge was in the mood to give any additional advice free to a boxer. .

I do not think Carlos was going to pull an Emilio to get the advice either. It would have been foolish considering who the DA elect is now.

I think the German who posted the link to the fight on the WBAN facebook page believes in the upcoming fight:Ruiz will play the role of Latvian Legion a member during the battle of Riga. (Latvian legion was under the SS conscripted Latvians by the occupying Nazis who in the battle of Riga (Latvia's capital) fought against the red army (which was a part of ethnic cleansing in Latvia before the Nazis turned on Stalin) but were treated as cannon fodder. Looking at Ruiz there is some reason to believe this. I wonder I only in the last realized WIBA was involved no wonder so much hostility and ambivalence has been shown. Do you think a website that in my mind was in the vanguard of rightful criticism of some sexist comments will celebrate that even if the fight has drama than a title fight against an opponent who immediately following her title fight by fighting somebody making their pro-debut? Fuentes Ruiz matchup was not too highly liked in some circles. So far it has not. Looks like Bullet is caught in the crossfire.

Then again local fight fans should not be surprised at the turn of events considering she is jail guard at County matches another song of her career quite well. "Strange days indeed" to quote the late John Lennon God I knows I would want Yoko Ono to sue me.


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