Celina Ventures to Hostile land Words and Photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks



There are few places as inhospitable to out of town boxers as New Mexico. There are jokes some well reasoned about New Mexico judges and New Mexico reporting. Celina Salazar departed day of weigh in to the fights in New Mexico her Trainer one of them going from KS to New Mexico. So it is in this land that Celina is traveling to where she faces a real challenge. Not just will she have to win it can be argued no knockout no victory. Even if victory obtained with financial ties of the promoter to media outlets the publicity will be less then favorable.

Celina Salazar said this ?Mr. ramos and I are leaving tomorrow morning and my parents and brother are also going be leaving tonight ... I’m excited to be going and cant wait to get there I feel ready and good to fight”

This morning a picture of Celina at SAT appeared on her face book page. She was at the weigh in that day!

Meet her in person you would be surprised she is a boxer. She has beat Christina Ruiz within spitting distance of Ruiz’s alma matre. Well stay tuned!

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