Team Azteca Live Action Tele novella sub plots to the Randy's Ballroom Card  words and photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks all rights reserved.



Rock music then Tejano music blared real loud rain fell down from the skies boxers trained a gym that is only 75% the size of Angels boxing club.  The pace was furious and the goal was clear.  Victory at Randy's!   A snake, a pair of brothers, a collection of sub plots that would leave the writers of a telenovela scratching their heads.  Fact is often stranger then fiction.  Team Azteca boxing club provides the rather stunning set of sub plots that will play out September 26.  First you have the brothers who are on the same card they had sparred and been part another gym.  Those sparring sessions were the stuff a legend. 

Jorge Saurez was about to make his pro debut then a near tragedy happened.   He was doing landscape work and a shot of venom from a snake hit his hand.  He then disappeared from Team Azteca boxing club for a while only to be come back for this fight card.  Will the quick training on relatively short notice bust the rust off and prepare this once nationally ranked am of great skill into a victor!


Stunning success or horrifying defeat long shot big botch which Eloy Saurez will show up.  Gatica pulled out of the card for fear Eloy almost knocked a person out in exhibition in Oklahoma city.  Eloy Saurez at his best is a force to be reckoned with.  At his worst a tomato can.  Eloy can be classy dignified a tough opponent relentless or he can botch the approach to a bout worse then a student pilot at a busy airport with a green instructor both their for the first time.  Two stunning TKO defeats have they chastised him and put the hunger in him?  Only one way to find out it can be a glorious victory or it will be a train wreck.

Saul Amaya will be making his pro debut on the card.  Quiet calm determined he is the opposite of Julio Valdez a lot of action very little talk.

Team Azteca boxing club will also being selling tickets to the fight card.

Emilio Ledezma will be happy to sell you tickets (210)638-8574.

Tickets for the bouts are also available Fatsos Sports Garden San Antonio Texas (210)432-0121




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