Texas Deuce Possible (Celina Trains for Title Shot)report and Photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks




Christina Ruiz won the IFBA Title in San Antonio Texas at 115lbs then subtly in the Texas heat it was announced her former and potential future Rival (Celina Salazar) accepted Ana Julaton's challenge to fight in Cancun for anther title at 122lbs.  Monday night in the scalding 100 degree plus heat I made my way to Ramos boxing club  To catch this polar opposite of Christina Ruiz in one of her final training days in San Antonio.  The workout including sparring, mitts and cardio chase work was both grueling and low key.  While attention has been focused on Ruiz v Fuentes Celina was quietly preparing  like the late ring of fire high rolling of south Texas well the summer for fans of female boxing in San Antonio has heating up the ground work the conditions laid almost without notice  The picture of Celina is the before shot you will see the after in this report.  An amateur boxer normally with San Antonio College was training as well.

Celina no tattoos quite mild mannered at times with a bit passive until....well

well Ruiz found out the hard way about her.  Wednesday she departs for final train up with Arturo in Florida then to Cancun to face Ana Julaton.  One thing about Celina is la familia.  Her father is the kind of man who quietly built and shaped the city of San Antonio his ancestors from Spain on this bleak hostile frontier managing to carve out the city of San Antonio from the hostile frontier and managing to build La Villitia, The missions, and the rich history that is San Antonio.  Norteno si!  When their is work to be done distinctions of class and birth fade.  The bonds of fidelity and family ring true.

Top Picture Celina Salazar's mother prepares her to be the pursuer in a post workout cardio run with ramosboxing.  Every boxer she passed on the quarter mile track beside the gym had to go to an area and hold push up position until the time limit ended Bottom picture readers left Celina's dad looks on while Hector Ramos provides coaching during sparring session, Bottom readers right Celina's madre looks on Hector giving coaching as well.  They have seen all her fights they can not afford to to Cancun to see this one.

Wider shot Celina skips rope in the dark gym in the Texas heat

For Celina it has been a long hot summer waiting in anticipation for a possible title fight training hard while toning down some of the work in cemetery south of town she continues her course work on her criminal justice degree as well transferring pretty soon to complete the project.  I will splice in some photos in sequence to get the feel for the workout and Celina herself.


with the wrapping of the hands the transformation is occurring. 

skipping rope 1 of two shots

sparring session begins under watchful eye of Hector Ramos. 

sparring continues girl power Catherine looks on while Celina spars Catherine works heavy bag herself.

800 pixel wide Celina Salazar works Mitts with Hector Ramos (shot 1 of 3)

Celina Salazar works mitts 800 pixel wide photo (shot 2 of 3)

800 pixel wide photo Celina practicing body work mitts shot 3 of 3

focus on the females at Ramos boxing gym Celina on bitts

its all sweat and Celina helps set the tone for all her gym mates male and female.

After the sparring session some work to go the face of determination 800 pixel

A brief smile 800 pixel shot Celina and other female am

After a grueling workout it was time to chase gymmates males some of whom had done well at Ringside National championships.  No offense boys but you are between her and the belt she wants.  Sometimes the nicest most polite face belies the most fierce compeitor and that is Celina.


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