Confessions of a Dyspraxic Webmaster Words and Photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks


It was a dyspraxic moment. The temporary misplaced hard copy of the drivers license was in one section of the pickup (hidden in plain sight) hand writing on a legal pad was barely legible, intense photos were on a memory card in the DSLR and emotions ran high and hidden as a song echoed in my head and I retraced a journey made in shame. To view this website is to view in action the learning disability of dyspraxia.

First, the photos:…like the OH-58A in a 90-degree bank. The photos are to dyspraxic reflexes what the 90 degree bank in a helicopter susceptible to mast bumping.  The manuver which my father confessed to a few times when I was young lad. The photos I shoot are from boxer who sparred with Eloy Saurez, particularly before his bout headlining the event that Maribel won over Gracie Oliveras, took the pictures. I did spar James Cantu‘s last opponent in preperation for a fight I covered. I will confess that I missed more then a few pictures deleted over three days.  The photos show how Random practice, monitoring on the stress performance curve and modeling of form are basic coaching techniques are effective for dealing with the motor difficulties associated with dyspraxia. Dyspraxics photograph best the sport the have competed in. By anticipating playing the sport mentally, they have lead-time to trip the shutter. With Auto Focus cameras there is a significant decrease in reaction time. The technique was simple: look at where the camera was focused, determine if the shutter needed to be tripped, if focus and action merit it. Quite a few photos were deleted.

Somethings for parents of dyspraxics work on fine motor skills early yes there will be yelling screaming howling frustration and tears even in youth sports. The parent must edify the effort be direct it will take more effort more trying to achieve a mile stone. The image is half unflinching standards and half cheering leader to meet those standards. Talk to the coach make sure basic motor learning principals are applied yes your dyspraxic child will have a further distance to travel but. Then Cw3 Maris Stipnieks (my father) encouraged me to purse flight when he was putting the helicopters in the 90 degree bank inviting mast bumping….As far the handwriting Dr Robert Strauss has chastised me for using this keyboard as a crutch….his wisdom is vindicated by the photos! By the same token the coverage could have been and should have been better.  My own neglect of handwriting skills hurt the reporting to be improved.

Final thing. Several of Wednesday night's coverage pictures were like two steep turns plus or minus 25 feet. The FAA acceptable limit for commercial is plus or minus fifty. Either the stress performance curve was nailed or the strange effect where emotional transmission harmonized motor signal origination. This area needs to be looked into. There is a point where motor performance can be spot on, not too much or not too little emotion. Where training simply oozes out this is possible even for Dyspraxics; trouble is there not enough information on how to get there. All dyspraxics need to be mindful of it.

In summary, early exposure and high expectations coupled with early intervention for a child with dyspraxia can yield stunning results in regards to motor output. Proper coaching of basic motor learning principals after the foundation was laid can build upon the foundation and, finally, awareness of the stress performance curve is important. Can, in the right set of circumstances, the emotional aspects of dyspraxia counter the motor effects? Any medical researcher, stick an EEG machine on me next shoot lets see what happens!

Dyspraxics tend to be more emotional. This emotion early in childhood has to be directed head on. Parental punishment of dyspraxic temper tantrums….for dyspraxics is a good thing. Intolerance of evil is no vice. Yes I did borrow a Goldwater quote.  There is an appropriate and inappropriate way to handle extra emotion. Tuesday night’s report and the previous '07 reference to a C-5 departure during the National anthem were appropriate. An additional kicker is in terms of motivation. “I should treat all boxing like I treat Air Force and Armed forces.” In all honesty, every photograph of Air Force boxing has had an element of motivation that harnesses what would otherwise be negative emotion. That was just one component of the picture of it all. Embarrassment and honor were also heavily on my mind as I was on Lackland for the first time since I left on less then happy terms. Being called sir as a sign of respect I hid my shock and surprise well.  Lackland on one level burned failure deep in my mind.  I was surrounded by people who did or were about to.  The being called sir was also pleasant though I felt more a servant.  Their was dyspraxic emotion that night it was hidden.  Gratitude and duty can exist with spite and harness spite to produce the photographs and reporting. There was real discipline early on in my house under the chopper pilot/postman, and the school administrator. Like the tough TI's at Lackland, what was rough going through at the time produced real fruit later! I will add at this point nurture plays a role.  Like the motor difficulties early on a blunt tough hard confrontation with the disability has to occur.  I will add that nurture highlighted in the form of Scott and Bob in the novel Tales of Dead Armadillo are just as necessary.  Ace's passion red hot in the novel shaped the team.  Once again it is not killing the emotion it is directing it to positive end. 

The hill countrystyle” of the site is really a lot of dyspraxia on steroids. The introduction in the commentary about the preventable disaster in Iowa was also a display of dyspraxic skills. The editorial about Diaz and the profiles all show the global learning nature of dyspraxia. The linking of seemingly unrelated things and synthesizing a greater narrative is classic dyspraxic creativity blending of photos of images is also a dyspraxic skill. Strangely, the very thing that would allow me to predict the massive losses and disruption within a  theme park in 07 means the struggle on other fronts.

On other side of the coin comes the classic organizational difficulty behind naming files pictures and keeping them straight. Keep in mind that computer and webspace is very much like a desk.  The photos are files copied resized and stored.  Every photo on the site has to have a distinct name.  What comes out of the camera is photo numbered and stuck in a file with a date stamp. Staring a list of files to be given distinct name, placed in text, and uploaded while being simple for non nuero diverse webmaster is an easy task.  The simple sequence is the most time consuming and least accurately done aspect of site management.  You would also be surprised at how much other stuff around this house that gets done during this time. 

For the employer this reveals the classic inverted Peter Principle He forgets his ID, he loses stuff, his desk is a mess, he is slow to learn the names of the people he works with but is creative. You view this site you view dyspraxia.

In the mind of any reasonable person, those who wear the uniform are special people. We are free because of the brave. I photographed people at Armed Forces boxing championships who achieved something I did not. I covered them, I was invited and thanked. The encounters with the Security police at the gate, classy! I am humbled and grateful for my relationship with Air Force Boxing. Some of my darker impulses have been given the opportunity to be subverted to positive use. Ronn Simms, Coach Moreno, Steven Franco all deserve credit for this. I will also add that TI's Glass and Egan were vindicated Tuesday night.
I think those in the military are owed a productive nation to defend. Building awareness of dyspraxia (which remains largely unknown) is an attempt to put potentially productive people in the spots where they can produce the greatest volume of goods and services. The photographs show the outsides of a motor performance envelope (which I spent more than a few hours on this week). What is the use of a successful test flight if what made it happened remains a mystery? I hope this essay provided some information for young dyspraxics to get further out on their motor performance envelope and operate out there. For parents of dyspraxics, the key is not killing emotions but directing them. Tough love early on is needed. Finally, for the employer, it’s decoding the dissonant disability
to allow an employee to be the most productive person possible. 



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