Dyspraxia And The Work Place An Addition to Tales of the Dead Armadillo


The following section is to aid HR Departments, managers, shift leaders and business leadership to effectively utilize dyspraxic employees.  It addresses work place issues from proper job to reasonable accommodation.  I have worked construction, food service, education warehouse and theme park jobs.

Disabled Not Dangerous! 

Operating a dyspraxic on the right side of Power curve

 Dyspraxia the Dissonant Disability Decoding mixed signals about intelligence 

What to Look for So you Hire the Lion Not the Lamb


Accommodation can be Reasonable Logical and Simple


Of Bulldogs and Afterburners Why You want A Dyrspaxic In Your Workplace


Reasonable....Abuse in a Fast food place (or is it accommodation)


Dyspraxics and the Cassandra effect


Its called the Inverted Peter Principal (SOP for a Dyspraxic)


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