Resources for Educators and Coaches The Dyspraxic Student/Athlete the story behind Ace and Stephen King.


Purpose of this Page: To go deeper then the story and explain the real impact of dysrpaxia and to highlight the experiences that created Tales of the Dead Armadillo.   This page exists to guide Educators and better explain Dyspraxia on a more practical Standpoint.  I hope it explains the complexity of dyspraxic life

My Qualifications: Letter sophmore year Crosscountry 1991 New Braunfels high, Letter Crosscountry 1993 Denton High, Track Letter, Dyspraxic with a pilots license and 3 years substitute teacher 1 year as a tutor.  I was a substitute teacher as well as student at Winston School San Antonio

Classroom Control False Cues and incorrect remedies Avoid the classroom equivalent of mast bumping

Evolution of the Dyspraxic Athlete! A course for parent and and coach

In the Belly of Beast Dyspraxics and music!

Parents and Teachers of Dyspraxics seeking common ground

What a Flying dyspraxic....a dyspraxic who obtained private Pilot Single Engine land discusses flight and debriefs with STrauss (08/01/11)

Debrief the Coaches and their techniques that made a Dyspraxic A Letterman 

Memo to Math Teachers.....minimize time spent in the interference cloud(7/30/11)

Yeah the Student Has Dyspraxia He Belongs in An Honors Class  (The real life tale two teachers and what a naughty high school student challenge conventional wisdom)

Keeping The Class or Team Under Control while Avoiding the Classroom equivalent to Emotional Inertial Coupling (Lessons from success lessons from failure the basics)

Dyspraxics are NOT Special Ed Students (I know that headline shocks but read the article it explains in detail why)

PE Teachers Elementary It all Begins with you!

Memo To the Coach: You Want a Dyspraxic On Your Team

Ace Ponders Public Education(updated 6/2/11)

Ace For Parents Behind The Scenes with a Warning

Common Ground PE Teachers Parents Processing The News of an IEP


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