Ausaboxing speaks Eloy Suarez in the News Editorial Esteban Erik Stipnieks

It was a cold wet Sunday. Warm wet air was overrunning a sharp cold front rain was coming from the sky. In a house on a nice side of an unnamed small town a mother’s hand shot slamming into an Adam’s apple of a fifth grader. Memories within the mother had resurrected and explosive temper was igniting on her son. A bitter memory was seared. The crime unreported unpunished unknown its victim still maintaining a scar in his soul. The event happened in the late 80s and will remain. I know the victim I know the perpetrator suffice it’s to say it’s too late to press charges.

Eloy Suarez has made the news. One of my fondest memories as a sparring partner and a reporter was a post fight hug sharing a victory. While booze according to some rumors has played a roll in his shoddy performance skitzy behavior in the ring, no person consumes alcohol in large amounts and expects good things to happen. Having struggled with dealing with the more intense emotions that come with dyspraxia I am still under the same laws.  My editorial on Oscar Diaz was a struggle with my emotions.  Appropriate behavior is appropriate behavior.  On the other side abuse is abuse. 

 While KSAT seemingly jumped on the story ignoring boxing every time else, I will not defend Eloy I did champion him not knowing what was going on the home front. As a Christian I will pray for him. I know though that the justice system has to work. The fifth grade boy has grown and carries a scar. Personally I do feel disappointment in a friend. In terms of the legal process let the prosecutors prosecute let the evidence be brought fourth. If he is guilty I hope he is found guilty and sentenced accordingly.

It’s sad that potential is destroyed. Sorry folks it looks like there is a victim involved. Having eaten Eloy’s punches as a sparring partner my heart goes out to her if she is guilty. It appears and I feel my heart should be more concerned about her than I am about Eloy.

Funny how Eloy remained relatively unknown till now though!



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