Final Salute to Felix Castillo Jr

We were gathered by the East Fork of the Frio River a Sunday devotional LLYC 4th Annual Friendship festival. A speaker was in tears a co-founder of the camp had made his final journey. The two men dear friends will be reunited till that moment we were on this side a legacy to of a brother who lived in service. For the speaker before his eyes partial image of what his brother in Christ was seeing in eternity. So as Dan Roloff spoke so I find myself writing of Felix Castillo Jr’s passing.

Felix Castillo was nothing less then a blessing in the boxing world here in San Antonio two strong emotions ring equally true. His love his compassion his tenderness his wisdom myself and many others will miss. His life was sermon like the salt in a good piece of beef jerky strong distinctive. His love for others as real the heritage of Spain in downtown San Antonio. The San Antonio boxing world lost a true champion. I as I write this grieve the passing there is one less hero in the local boxing community. Faith and scripture also lead another direction.

In one of Paul’s letters he speaks of yearning for death to be reunited with Messiah in a perfect eternity this longing for death was tempered by the sense of obligation to be useful for the kingdom on Earth. Felix Castillo as his heath deteriorated no doubt meditated and felt the same mix of emotions. He truly was a blessing now he is with his Messiah. Felix is where he belongs having run the race, having kept the faith has been called home. While we grieve there is the knowledge he is where be belongs in a world without suffering the blessing he was in countless lives is being revealed before eternity. The thought of his response to this is comforting. The man’s whose walk of faith made us better is being presented with a reward well earned and immune from rot and decay. Simply put Felix is finally home where be belongs.

We will miss him there is no doubt about it…Our lives have been blessed by a humble servant of God Felix Castillo Jr. He is where belongs it would be selfish to want him here. Thank you God for the walk Felix Castillo walked and placing him in our lives.

Oh yes he would want whoever killed Andrew Gover to know John 3:16-17 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life For God did not send his son into this world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him” Felix has prayed for you who ever you are that you might know the truth that made Felix great. Christ cried out it is finished the temple veil was torn in 2 Christ walked out of that tomb on Sunday morning. Felix was a living beacon of this….I would love to embrace you as Felix would have upon hearing your repentance as beloved next of kin.


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