All Female Show Salvation Army Gym June 2,2012 report and photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks.  DO NOT DARE REPOST IF YOU ARE NOT STABA, Boxer pictured or coach of boxer pictured


While later the open division elite women would add thunder and fireworks the JO division females showed they are alive and well quite thank you.  Mark Caloy returned to San Antonio after Staba dominated the state JO tournament in Ft Worth.  There was the traditional pledge of allegiance.  The event was rare it is hard to get the matches.  There are two sides to this story.  Jesse Gomez was highly innovative in his use of facebook. Jesse Gomez innovated using a facebook group. One outsider commented that getting 5 judges was a miracle unattanable outside staba.  Perhaps I am spoiled a bit by great smokers.  In short the show was a triumph of female boxing.   


Mariah Betancourt from Ft Ben boxing club won her bout 60lb weight class by 50 decision

Alejendra Montemayor won her bout 150lb weight class.  She is from Ft Bend. 

79lb JO it was Alexis Lavarine from Kenner boxing club 3-2 decision

Jesse GOmez hands out unnopposed winner this girls opponent backed out at the last minute.  Ft Bend boxing club brought the boxer look at the trophy

Alejandra Riveria 136 lb senior JO.  She trains at Bad Boys boxing. 

Jennifer Nava 112lb senior JO winner by 50 decision.  Jackie Nava represents Laredo boxing club.

Amberly Guitterrez from Scatch boxing San Antonio winner 130lb JO divsion

Ismary Aquino winner 5-0 Randazzo boxing club 97lb weight class

Elizabeth Huerta Senior novice 118  winner 5-0 decision see gallery by clicking link

Akemi Collazo winner senior JO (She did not have an opponent in Ft Worth) 130lb weight class.  She represents Zarzamora Street gym....the legendary Zarzamora Street gym. 

Monica V Rianna report and gallery

Ginny Fuchs v Patricia Cuevas report and Gallery


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