Texas Shootout Fight Report Beautifully Ugly, Better than Expected and Carrie's Revenge. Words and Photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks All Rights Reserved


The action at San Antonio Event Center really was almost two separate fight cards one of which I hoped would not repeat Iowa City. Word came before the fights began that Joseph the Mongose won. El Padre the Mongose work worked the corner of the opponent that Stephen Hall was support to retire on. Thanks Boxeo Y Mas for that live update from Houston while at the venue check them out for info Mongoose and Cresencio Ramos!

San Antonian Richard Howell faced off against an awkward opponent in the form. He dropped him twice in the first round despite this rounds 2-4 Howell was faced with an ugly opponent who made a fight out of it an infantry man smothered artillery and the result was a majority draw it was a fight cosmetically that was ugly but beneath it a craft journeyman made an up and comer work in short it the majority draw was learning experience and was not the proverbial Rotel Can. For prospects eating canned tomato and tuna to inflate your record has its draw backs which we would see later.

additional pictures of this fight

Gilbert Venegas may have started slow round 1 but by round 2, despite the holding on and we soon found out who the fresher was and whose shots were the faster and the more potent. The body shots were taken the toll leaving the head more open. At the end of the 3rdI was wondering why one fighter was coming out for a fourth. Gilbert was working his opponent looked like had had hard day. It ended by TKO round 4.additional pictures of this fight

Brandon Chalker showed great promise in his bout against Chris Garcia. Chalker had the reach advantage and he used it. Early in round 1 Chalker appeared to be like a battle ship who found the range for shots on his opponent and blasted away. Garcia failed to get inside to land the body shots that are misery for tall fighters. Round 2 Chris Garcia made an early rally but Chalker quickly reasserted himself blasting accurately at long range and to all ringside Garcia was defeated mentally. An uppercut spelled the beginning of the end and while not physically hammered Garcia appeared to be the loser the fight was stopped before Garcia became heavy bag work. Yet in a real sense the fight was over with already.

National Junior Olympian Jessie Rodriguez was recognized and Olympic prospect Eddie Ortiz as well Adam Lopez was present.

It was hard not to grin when Kendo Castanada took to the ring he was potently graceful. His performance was not flawless he ate some shots during his bout but he delivered far more. Kevin was doomed in the 2nd when Kendo displaying more than a little ring generalship placed a hook in the very spot Kevin wanted to retreat to. The shot rocked Croom's head and froze him like a deer in headlights. Kendo took full advantage and the referee stepped in ending the then Helpless Croom's night.

The last time an Emily (wife of the promoter) stepped into the ring to say what happened was a disaster is to say that temps at Six Flags Fiesta Texas get warm during July and August. As one now former boxer remarked the hometown favorite with close ties to the promoter is often in THE position to get hurt. Anayeli HAD to clearly dominate beyond a shadow of a doubt because when in doubt the round was destined to be given to. In many ways Anayeli was in many ways blessed despite the defeat. Emily (clearly won the fight) yet the 40-36 made it look like the blow out it was NOT! I gave Anayeli the first round because she put Emily on the retreat in her corner. Emily came roaring back winning narrowly the final three rounds. I do not want to put down Emily but I want to clarify Anayeli was hardly a pushover! In some ways slightly inflated score set the scene for what was to follow.

prefight round 1 to between rounds

round 2 and corner action pre round three

round 3 and corner action to just shy of round 4

round 4 and post fight

Team Sombrano was upset May 2nd what had been scheduled for 6 rounds had become a 4 rounder and they claimed they were not notified until much later. So they had been training for six. I frankly (because I know Stephen Hall and like Stephen Hall) am grateful at the turn of events because I would rather see him fight 4 rather than six and it seems had Joe and his corner not been discombobulated by the turn of events coupled by heavy holding that shagenfroid would shown up and I would rather not say I told you so. Stephen Hall officially retired at the most recent card I covered at this venue. As I remarked if I could take Stephen Hall from six years ago and general conversation with him and the Stephen Hall I know today one would see boxing's ravages. Well the discombulated corner threw the fight plan in disarray. Stephen Hall IS NOT showing his age well despite the fact he won all 3 other rounds in my mind beyond the first. He initiated a fair amount of the holding and If you buy some of the leaning on Sombrano was an accident (insert George Strait ocean front property joke here). Don't get me wrong Sombrano did get rocked a few times. The last three rounds Stephen Hall clearly won but I was thinking a fight I saw at the Battle of the Ballpark. Gallery of that ight

Former American Idol now currently with a record deal Savannah sang the star spangled banner and Ron Rangel ring announcer and Mr Garcia introduced the final bout. And somewhere Guy Clark's Heart Broke was playing in San Antonio

I began the fight report saying an honest majority draw for an up and coming fighter against a journey can be a good thing. The final fight of the night showed WHY. When you feed a fighter a steady diet of Tomato Cans and in Javier's case as of tonight Tomato Primo Carena Style you in a real sense weaken the fighter and when given a real opponent the fighter then it can get guly. Johnny Gullen forced the fight from round 1 and Javier's fans got two stunning sights one Javier in retreat Javier getting hurt and finally in round 6 this lead to a third totally unfamiliar sight Javier getting stopped. Javier did have moments which lead me wondering about score cards. He landed some solid shots in every round but round 1. Javier did put up a good fight and stylistically this was the prettiest fight of the night both fighters having noticeable skill. Gulllens face was marked round 2 and swelling was an issue but he stayed offensive forcing Javier's weakness and where Kendo had ended a fight before it Gullen pretty close to his corner going to town on Javier. Johnny was estatic having gone from Han land in El Paso and his stunning upset and celebration lead to some single finger salutes. Javier gets stopped gallery


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