Firsts Second and Questions with Cammacho KO report from La Villitia report and photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks if you did not get the photos via not repost boxers may repost with credit. 



Zefrino productions goes back a bit old school boxing.....his fight cards have less predicitablilty...

It was a night of firsts" first PR man for promoter who sang national anthem.....Joseph Herron was media rep.....for Zef did the national anthem at a fight card in Poteet....Mike Rios commented "I did not know this guy could sing." Herron did not dissapoint.  A pro debuter had a smashing success of a night the other first.

Seconds Rios second winds in more ways then one. 

Questions go to Campos and Ruiz now lets dive in the fight card in detail!  I will end with what has been criticized.

It was the second fight of the night but it was spectacular.....if you can not afford a Remington pump 20 gauge for home defense I would suggest that Kenton Sippio Cook right hand would be the next best thing to have.  Kenton was making his pro debut his opponent had talked some smack.  Round 1 was interesting Kenton at times seemed nervous this was after all his pro debut...but well his slick defense also emerged.  I had it somewhat close 10-9

The second round a little more poise a text book left jab followed by a jaw shattering right hand....Kenton who grew in Denton got the last word in without speaking.  Gallery of the fight


The second to the last bout of the night was the bout of a 2nd wind....and chapter refusing to be shut.  Joseph Rios and Joel Garcia gave the fans their money worth.  THIS WAS CLOSE this was hard fought this was thrilling.  The six rounds existed in very narrow window of who won.  It was enough of a late rally by Rios a second wind for a win.  Gallery of the Fight

The first of two question marks of the night was Rolando Campos's bout.  He won it against a tough opponent with a deceiving record.  It got the night of to roaring slug fest start.  Rolando did not fight the fight that could have ended in KO victory (by him).  If he had.   Rolando was aggressive he fought his opponents fight more often than not and won....which shoes he has some power.  This fight combined with what happened at Cowboys May 5th with Ivan Najara reveal two men with same weight class not without promise or flaw.Gallery of Rolandos fight

 Nohime is shy yet polite...on a personal level she fits the mold of many female boxers...neat people.  Ok now I can get in some commentary that and analysis that may annoy her.  The big question with the fight Ruiz v Dennison is Ruiz gun shy and will she EVER get over being gun shy.  Personally I think Ruiz could have KNOCKED OUT Nohime..had she wanted to.  Instead Nohime well used her reach for two rounds and out savied Ruiz the way a tough mother would deal with a daughter.  My score card Nohime Dennison rounds 2 and 3.  The fight was scored a majority draw.  An interesting what I feel relevant footnote is that the judge that had Ruiz winning by two points was judge at Holm V Mathis II.  Monster gallery with links to bigger pictures

JO amateur boxer Hector Tanajara will be representing team USA in Russia he was recognized before the Cammacho Jr fight

I had warned people do not blink during the main event it lasted less than a round.  Cammacho Jr with a wicked body shot felled his opponent from Brownsville



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