Slug Fests, Stupidity, Stylin Boxing Returns to Sunset Station(Report Photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks photo use only with permission)


With two names Rashad Ganaway and Javier Rodriguez maybe the only two names your avid boxing fan might hear about from last night.  Rashid's fight showed his flaws (despite his victory) while the antics of Javier Rodriguez'd opponent stole the thunder that was rightfully Javier's.  Had David Allen Coe witnessed that fight he might have said "Boy the beating Javier was about to give you was nothing in comparison to the beating you were asking for!" 

John Arevalo did not quite listen whether it be lack of condition or being a hard head Emilio Ledezma from his corner of was offering quality advice.  Despite this he did land the substantial shots to win majority decision 39-37, 40-6 over Lara.  This was a spirited slug fest.  John did land a few more telling blows which made the difference in the fight.  Had he listened to Emilio the fight might have ended before the judges got their say. 

Ok you are a super heavyweight against an MMA fighter making a pro debut as a boxer....what is the last thing you do particularly if the guy has a reach advantage on stand there at range where you can exchange mutually with him.  Angelo Gutierrez did this and it was a short night for Cody East from New Mexico first round KO

He found Christ in prison he still can slug with the best of them but did show enough defense prowess to win Jessie Anguiano UD winner despite late fade  There were a couple rounds he lost their were missed opportunities in the fight.  He did have slightly better defense and slightly better offense doing more damage.  He trains at the gym with the other Leija family in San Antonio and this is a comeback story.  It was UD but the scores were close.   

Working the camera as well as observing and reporting I will admit I do miss some things.  I missed probably the greatest controversy of the night was the cut due to head butt or was it from a punch.  Omar Gonzales the winner did not quite endear himself to the crowd by a bit of bad boy shtick played up.  The cut did play a factor in Omar's favor as the fight progressed but Rafael Casias refused to out according to script and between some of Omar's antics and Rafael's spirit he won the crowd though he lost close UD which was pretty much what I scored.  Rafael did manage to steal a couple rounds in the six rounder despite the cut that had the doctor looking for two rounds. 

Javier Rodriguez is a likeable person outside the ring and tough determined with power inside the ring.  I have covered him some and found him....his fan base lots of motor cycle clubs not known for bible thumping.  Gilberto Cancio decided to make infamous history.  He fouled Javier and when being warned by the ref and booed by some of the crowd (I may have seen several Bandito jackets) he took one of gloves acted like he was masturbating adding a pelvic thrust to some of the bikers in crowd.  The gesture was identical to illegal aliens protesting.  It is not a gesture make to somebody wearing certain kinds of biker jackets if you want to live to a ripe old age.  Particularly if the guy the bikers were cheering for was fighting clean and has a high GPA at a local high school.  Gilberto did this three times the third time with the ref warning him clearly if he repeated it he would be disqualified.  Javier was fighting clean landing an uppercut that well a couple more it would have ended in 10 count.  The whupping Javier was starting to put on as bad as it could have been was nothing compared to what Gilberto Cancio was asking for.  If I were Gilberto's trainers who probably got stiffed (since the commission most likely withheld the check) I would have been tempted to make him find his own way home to Brownsville.   

As crazy as the previous bout was the final bout of the night was exciting well fought and skillful.  The first two rounds had lots of defense Rashad Ganaway narrowly edging out.  Justo Vallencnio got tagged a few times a but nothing major.  Around Round three Rashid did real damage to Justo.  Then Justo started a devastating body attack that sapped Rashad's power....Rashad had at one point Justo near knocked out but Justo did not give up and countered with a divesting body attack that turned the final round near pivotal to decide it all.  Rashad eeeked it that point.  This was a close hard fought match and if was only because Justo was wobbly for 2 round do I think Rashad earned the victory. 



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