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Imagine a boxing club no heavy double end bags and no home ring in which to spar.  Imagine this crew being all college students.  This is the story of the SAC boxing team.  The majors are assorted, criminal justice,music business administration, engineering and nursing.  Hector Ramos does know boxing and he does know instructional technique and he does know how to build systematically so a gym on San Antonio College campus can be the place of surprising boxing skill and success especially with hints taken from Eastern Europe. 

the group is coed with assorted ages and assorted skill and interest levels.  Standout is Maria Altamirano who joined the team last year with experience and the previous season showed both ring sense and power(link to gallery).    The gym Hector Ramos uses with effect changing things up to keep interest. 

In all activities involving motor skills there is the magical moments when proper training drilled takes over and what the performer wants to happen happens surging like flood of water cut loose.  Hector's techniques are focused on learning right learning early

The SAC boxing team is in its 7th semester as a school club activity.  The previous Friday was the first rain out of SAC fight day.  Yet Stephanie Gonzales has found her way to make a debut 1 week later at a black tie event. 

She is a criminal justice major....her name is Stephanie Gonzales.   

Hector while coaching had the demeanor of a serious teacher watching drills intensely and showing he knows what taught in Motor Learning at Schreiner.  Demonstration teaching planning.  The SAC boxing club offers a different spin on college.  Then again their was one phd female boxer. 



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