The Un-Rudy After 2 Years from Campus An Old Face Given Credit for District Glory

"He had been gone from the campus for two years. His return to the campus has been marked by quiet ruffling of feathers. Monday after school he was given teammates Gold Medal and full status as member of Varsity Team. Dennis Southers who is on both the football team gave the medal to Amanda Cook who arranged former PE Teacher Coach Bingham to present the medal in his house after a training run for the regional meet.

Coach Bob has openly given him credit for district glory stating “In crosscountry it comes down to overall team placement Ace has returned with a real fire which has inspired better then expected performances from a couple teammates who made key passes.” Dennis commented “He talked of district glory from the start of the season he got the guys believing..or else” The smirk was revealing.  Amanda Cook commented on her selection on how to award him the medal “The Coach has been cheering us on for years and Ace has a genuine love for the man since due to unfortunate circumstances Ace is going to be on the regional team. I found it fitting it showed that revolutionary this year is really the traditionalist of Unicorn land the voice of upholding Unicorn values.”

When Stephen dubbed Ace was asked about his experience he is the only runner on the boys team to have participated in a regional meet “I never raced at regionals I was alternate so I got the plane ride to Lubbock and previewed the course, I had the experience of alternate so this additional week of workouts is familiar. The course for the regional meet is the much hated UTSA which I have run twice many of the guys have run it four times by now.” He was asked about the tone he was trying to set “We know what happened to Raul and Thomas Coach Bob’s words were fitting bottom line is many of us seniors have one last week so why not go out with our best week of workouts why not go out with a sense of pride why not go out on top” He has been called the un-Rudy by according to rumor rejecting varsity for senior runners when asked he replied “Nothing is on the record I’ve known Amanda, Bo, Tom, Kimber, and Kathrine for years Stephen Ray and I have sweated together, Dennis has become the leader Coach Bob and I have disagreed some but district glory for the boys squad has been goal for years I am glad the girls do not have the sole lead role.”

Amanda Cook and Kimber Wilkins said they were looking forward to having to cheer on the boys. They expected the runner now dubbed French Fries to re-earn the nickname Aero. Amanda and Linda were on record it’s nice to go out co-stars with the guys. Ace, Bo, and Dennis gave us a great way to end our careers as Unicorn crosscountry runners...a guys team to cheer on at regionals "



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