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LBC’s 2011 began an era in local boxing was unmistakably here. Castillo Jr, Souza now gone and the president of USA boxing and a 1988 Olympian present. After the National Anthem and Invocation and before the presentations…..there was some business to attend to.

A final 10 count for Joe Souza……

The crowd was small Rick Morones was watching amateur action. Eddie Tiggs in the last month made a visit to San Francisco….A Golden Boy fighter was left on the canvas wishing the plane carrying a San Antonio surprise had not arrived. Felipe Casatenda and Jairo Casteneda were in New York Felipe is fighting on the Margarito V Cotto undercard.

There were three scholarships presented. Each Scholarship bears the name of person who brought time and effort to the communities encompassed by Staba….Cantu whose legacy his being fulfilled admirably by his daughter……Patrica Cuevas is the recipient…..Abe Garza another long time fixture local boxing and teacher the scholarship in his honor was received Oscar Cantu the third scholarship was names in honor of ringside physician from South Texas…..regretfully I could not get the name of its recipient though he is pictured. (Due to the lens I use I could not include full shot and managed not to get Patricia Cuevas in focus)


After this a long series of 19 bouts began.

Oscar Cantu showed his brawn after his brains were were noted winning his open division bout in the 114lb weight class 5-0 decision

John Herrera with consistent workmanlike attitude earned a 4-1 decision open division 123lb weight class

Luis Castro had to work the distance open division 123lb weight class but he got it done with 5-0 decision clearly winning for all to see.

Luis Cuevas had to work but he got the job done another exciting bout 5-0 decision

Open division 132lb weight class to face possibly Luis Cuevas it was Tyler Eureste with a 4-1 Decision

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