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Stephan Gregory won his 141lb novice division bout by 5-0 decision

David Murrillo eeked out a 3-2 decision 141lb weight class novice division

Gabriel Delgado won won his novice 141lb weight class bout

Edward Beltran had to work hard for is 5-0 decision victory novice 152 lb weight class

Johnathon Krum won his novice 152lb weight class bout by 3-2...it was that close

Daniel Baiz won his novice 165lb weight class handily....5-0

Adam Franklin won his novice 201 bout by 5-0 decision

Angelo Guitterez won by retirement novice 201 plus and both boxers added some class and sportsmanship after the fight pictured here

Dameon Pearson won his novice 201+ bout by 5-0 decision


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