The Lion the Unicorn and the man in Mirror...Commentary Esteban Erik Stipnieks



Woody Guthrie is quoted as saying he wanted to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comforted.  The song "Plane Wreck at Los Gatos" is a great example of this.  On one level Tales succeeded in portraying New Braunfels of a Given era fairly.  Now though it is time to disturb and disturb big time.  I consider myself both a member of NBHS 1994 and Denton Ryan 1994.  To my classmates in Denton I have New Braunfels remnants and remain to some degree the naive idealistic dreamer.  To my Unicorn classmates and to many in the San Antonio boxing community I am a whole lot like Yanez at times capable of cutting short sharp and doing so seemingly without warning or apology. 

Now its time to let it rip....I quite deliberately had Ace fall into the very trap the Principal and others fell into....was no different than what Joe Paterno did at Penn State.  WHAT?  Let me repeat that what Joe Paterno and Penn State did was PRECISELY what Ace, his mother, the principal, the vice principal and many teachers did at NBHS. I am not justifying what Paterno did I hope I am scaring you.  As I said the removal of the statue was justified.  Paterno knew children were being raped but due to his loyalty and his desire to believe Sandusky was a morally upright guy he chose to look the other way.  At the heart of that decision was NO different than what happened in Tales with Ace, his mentor and all the characters.  Penn State University decided to believe the myth of Jo Paterno the kindly old man who had integrity courage while winning football games....contrary to the data that was there.    

Right now it is easy to criticize Joe Paterno and Penn State.  The simple fact is that Paterno's actions and Penn State's actions are on a macro scale what we do when chose to ignore data that hero or friend is indulging in something morally wrong behavior.  From personal experience the desire to believe in a heroric and false myth is something I have indulged in and others whom I consider daddy.  Jeremiah 17:9 is direct as to the nature of human heart.  When we look into mirror if we are honest with our selves we can see Joe Paternos face staring back at us.

Am I excusing Paternos behavior and the behavior of Penn State no.  I am however saying the consiquences of what seemed like a really simple sin easy to follow should scare the living daylights out of us and should serve as a warning for our own thoughts and behaviors.  Inevitably that horror takes me to where I know the only escape is Calvalry's cross and the empty Garden tomb only Christ is capable of saving me from myself. 


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