Heads Up For Coaches What You Need to Know about Marfans.....Esteban Erik Stipnieks



I am not a doctor.....the purpose of this article is to provide coaches with information about a concern that those who coach boxing need to be aware of when a boxer starts training at a gym.  The purpose of this article is to show some signs that a coach needs to be aware of.  When in doubt.....GET IT CHECKED OUT by a doctor.  First let me paint a nightmare scenario that this article is intended to prevent!

 A boxer comes back from a run or is doing pushups, sit ups or even working on heavy bag and suddenly collapses and dies on the spot.  Later you find out their arota ruptured or heart valve failed.  Essentially within the chest the boxer bleeds to death.  This comes as a result related to a condition known as marfans syndrome.

Ok what does marfans syndrome look like...what do you as a coach need to look for well I do have access to model who upon a doctors visit showed several marfans markers readily visible for a coach.  This lead to echo cardiogram (sonogram on the heart), X-ray survey of the body and blood work.  Thankfully for the person pictured the tests are showing up negative but all it takes is once and those in your gym will have a memory of a lifetime you would rather forget.  Also note that with marfans boxers are elevated risk of detached retinas.   

(long fingers......those fingers can wrap around model's wrist with 1/4 to 1/2 inch to spare)

note the visible indention of the chest

the Toes can also get erect standing tall.... a very high arch or flat foot is an indicator. 


Marfans is a recently recognized condition.  One head of the marfans association died because his arota split and was not treated properly he died in Emergency Room after having told correctly the doctors what is wrong.  I would recommend that if you suspect the condition for a boxer who has started training at your gym you direct them to Jonathon Karnes at med first University downtown. 



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