Staba Represents Well In Houston amidst victories and defeats....Till Monday report and photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks



UPDATE: If you read on you will find a note that has been removed from the facebook page.  Jesse Gomez has apologized....somewhat the facebook post was written in the heat of moment...I would not have found out about if an event organizer was upset.  The fact that other sportscasters could have seen it also factored in my decision.  I opted to post it and my response to it on this page because of the offense taken and an underlying safety issue.  Apology accepted on the condition Jesse looks closely at the cards and takes that into consideration for his evaluation of his daughters performance.  Also note the comparison was demonstration on the strengths of dyspraxia where memory draw a quick parallel of two events.  I have spent a lot of time before the allegation of statuatory rape at Zarzamora St gym...  Since I  last updated around 6pm someone connected with the event said he would be happy to have Patricia Cuevas back commenting on her superb condition.

Now the good....staba sent as I photographed many officials to the event.  The conduct of the officials represents what is good in boxing.  The interaction between Alamo City, Fast cats and the officials from Austin and San Antonio left behind a good impression.  Ryan Karl won fairly convencingly according to Micheal Campbell and Benjamin Whittaker suffered a narrow defeat also by the event organizer.   

It was hot on the plains of Azteca Fairgrounds Houston Elite Amateur boxing competition began. The show put on by undefeated magazine Micheal Campbell was a unique event with one of the good guys in boxing behind it. There were boxers from Louisiana and a couple areas from Texas Staba South Texas Amateur boxing association was represented not just by boxers Benjamin Whittaker who fought but I did not get to photograph, Cowboy Karl’s bout went on after I left but officials as well. There were two female bouts with national standing in play along with an out of region debut for another amateur boxer whose first bout was in Houston.

Jessie Rodriguez got the show off by winning for Alamo City boxing club. 65lb JO

Joshua Franco in defeat represented San Antonio boxing well 100lb JO

Large Gallery of hte fight

Patricia Cuevas showed courage in her defeat against Marlen Esparza who made the Pan AM Games Team ad is nationally ranked. Many commented her improvement over her since the two fought late fall 2010. Observers said Patricia made improvement but the note published on Jessie Gomez’s face book page

“I reviewed the tape seems like if malene farts the officials will give her a point. it's marlene making all that barking noise so her punches will sound like they are having a big effect on her oppenent and 3/4 of those barking punches to the head were blocked by patricia we looked at the score card on one of them they had marlene 54 patricia 4 that means like i said if she farts it's a point.. that type of boxing where the boxer throws her punches around (round house) was invented back in the days in south america where man used to cut cane with machates. they use two machates one on each hand and would swing them around to cut the cain. then they would put them in the ring and tell them to wing their arms around and bark like a dog and that will give the effect that your oppenet is making that noise when you hit them. but in real life all it does, it fools the officials that you are hurting the opponent. marlene threw many body punches she even cocked her arms back and made that barking noise but as you all saw really didn't have any effect on patricias body. if those punches were real and were thrown with a 90% angel it would only take 3 to 4 of them to put patricia are any other fighter down. marlene is a good fighter but if she can't put a female with 12 fights down i really don't think she has a chance with in the world level armature boxing arena. olympic hopful i don't think so. houston home towm girl many houston fans were asking paricia to beat on her ???????????????????????? hay! if marlene wins the olympics i'll shave my hair completely off lol. woman are coming of age in amature boxing there will be planty of opponents to deal with.”

Reminds me of some the stuff I do not like about boxing. The conduct of his sons in helping with registration was admirable.  The Fast Catz on site was making me smile. 

While I am grateful for Patricia’s family and their providing me accommodations for Houston the note published on facebook is my mind a bit like Tony Ayala sr. I do think Jessie is a bit more honest. Patricia showed much character in defeat….well

Akemi Callazo won her  debut bout in Houston Texas JO 119

Andres Cuevas in defeat represented San Antonio Texas well 114lbs

If there was a hometown decision it could have been Dominque Sousa's victory.  Note though that is a referee from Austin Texas staba country.  Who did a good job.  I am not a judge this was a close the very least I think Patrick Cuevas should be proud.

Fast catz from San Antonio

Benjamin Whittaker and Cowboy Karl at the event I did not get to shoot their bout.  Benjamin Whittaker is from San Antonio and Cowboy Karl is from the Austin area Benjamin won by RSC Armed forces boxing championships. 


The last fight I got to watch was Salina Barrios a little ring rust in the first round bout by the third round her actions in the ring cast great doubt on what happened at Golden Gloves and provided reason why a lawsuit as thrown. Earnestine Westly while nationally ranked did not look to good and Barrios showed why she is one of the most avoided boxers and why she deserved much more recognition. Barrios beats Dallas Girl In Houston! (Full Gallery)

I have rolled some editorial comments into this already.  Marlen Esparza has sparred quite a bit with Ashley Reyes.  Patricia is a beautiful woman inside and out.  Both groups Fast Katz and Alamo city boxing clubs in their own way made the event possible.  Fast Katz Jessie GOmez's sons did the work of clerks while Martin and coaches from Alamo City helped with the ring.  I had advocated that Ashley and Patricia fight in a local event before.  In my mind Salina Barrios is the most underappreciated boxer In San Antonio.  The conduct of Ashley and Patricia both benifit the sport greatly.  Sadly the note posted on facebook which was brought to my attention by other participants in event DOES NOT reflect well on boxing especially by an adult coach.  Sadly I see bridges being burned in the heat of passion. 


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