A Rather Surprising Discovery of Relations....Esteban Erik Stipnieks



Outside the boxing world I have my passions....history is one of them.  I joke I was prepared for some of the antics by my background.  Looking back from the time period December 18, 1988- December 26, 1991 was the wild culmination of  weird events.  Had you told my mother, my sister, my dad or myself what would indeed take place December 16, 1988 the word crazy would have described you.  "What are you smoking" naturally I want more details and so I went on Ancestry.com looking for answers or more details.  My father arrived on the General C H Muir 1951 with his mother, his father and half brother.  Ethnically a Latvian his aviation career would fit many clichés.  In a boxing twist of humor his eldest brother was held after WWII as POW by the allies within 100 Nautical miles of where he landed as a member of the USPHT.  If you throw out his heritage totally unremarkable.  World Precision Helicopter championships Chantilly 1989 well an Ethnic Latvian part of USA sweep over the Soviets....some boxers in Latvia have remarked with pride.  Ancestry.com has given me understanding and looking at a late Uncles career.  At Joe Souza's burial I will admit my waterworks were on.  Simply put I had not been at Ft Sam National cemetary since Uncle Agris was buried May 1992.  Agris Stipnieks was born in Smiletene Latvia 1935 and had lived to see Latvia free again...thanks in part to Joe Sourza's service.  Zane Brige a Latvian boxer this year made me look back at a period in my life with more wisdom.  The Geneological website did fill in gaps but it started throwing a curveball. 

Arnulfo Tamez was an amateur boxer out of Alice.  When I talked about Interstate thirty five being the road of dreams I was talking about his journey.  The Yanez v Rios hype I drew from facts and personal experience from being his nephew.  He gave mi madre away.  Another family member had done extensive work and produced a family tree....that provided the curveball.....Tamez's and Martinez gave way to Ruiz....so Christina Ruiz (Link 1) and I might be related.  You know Christina Ruiz (Link 2) discussions continue.....last name does not mean much....then well I find out a branch of the Ruiz family moved to Southern California for much the same reason Grandfather Alexandris chose Germany and slave labor....(certain bullet) well Christina Ruiz's dad is from So cal....the dates and stories match  a very high probability exists that Christina Ruiz and I are distant cousins.

www.ancestry.com is a nifty resource....with arrivals on boat now there it offers a large database of records to find.  Military records allow children and grand children to understand more about those who served. 



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