Monica Alvarez National Bound(report photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks)



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(Monica and Gymmate near Team Alocser)

For many of us it seems mundane getting on airplane to fly out of state for Monica Alvarez in the purple sweatshirt Saturday night 6pm at San Antonio International Airport it will be the start of a new adventure.  Representing South Texas Amateur boxing at National Competition.  The plane trip will be a first for her.  As the day approached Good Friday was a day of work at the gym.

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click for larger photo (Coach Al AlCoser gym is off St Marys a couple blocks North I-35) about three blocks west Urban Reach River walk)

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While fellow San Antonians celebrated their Good Friday camping in parks eating barbque Monica Alvarez worked hard the the gym Saturday night her cross country journey from San Antonio to Washington state will be going flying over the Great American west.  In pursuit of Gold. 

Help reimburse her expenses she is a personal trainer. (fundraising link)



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