Sisters of Sweat Celebrate Success of One A Workout with Open Division Champion Female 125lbs Monica Alvarez-Report By Esteban Erik Stipnieks (IF you aint the boxer or the gym photographed DO NOT REPOST ANY Where




The bout was a classic in many ways representing the best of female boxing. Two friends fought for four two minute rounds ferociously. Monica Alvarez won it. It was Monica’s first open division bout. Her opponent and her had fought before. Monica in her first open division bout emerged as open division champ 125lb female. Now Friday it was back to work.

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Dealing with Monica the word is sweet…the mild mannered girl once inside the ring well her first golden gloves bout ended in RSC. Seeing her in the gym well you understand this cute friendly young woman has the heart of lion while training and in the ring. She took her victory lap and was back to work. She also noted that Jennifer Leal had improved….and stole round in their four round bout.

Monica was not alone in the gym….two other female boxers trained. One had to hit the beat after she finished she walked in police radio in hand. The other like Monica a recent Fox Tech grad pursuing law enforcement dreams.

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Monica is a late bloomer athletically. She only took up cross-country her senior at Fox Tech. Paloma Campos her gym mate law enforcement student had played soccer at the same school. The workout was intense. I realize some of these pictures do not look good glam or sexy but they reveal the red hot core of desire of an athlete…male or female the intensity of workout reveals the total soul. Monica does not like being bored in addition to being an amateur boxer she is a waitress at down town chillis and is a student aspiring to be a personal trainer. She wants to win state for Staba.

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The Riverwalk is very close to team Alcoser so why not take victory lap on the river. There are many female boxers who in addition to looking good are quite simply put neat people. The conversation with her was one. She has talent she has focus how far will she go? We do not know. Yet the workout showed today her butt will not stay on her laurels her focus is on state.

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