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From 2pm to 11:20pm seems like a monster day and night of boxing.....It was it was also solid boxing from stem to stern....from local amateurs on a reprieve to a good old fashioned East Side Brawl the ring to end it.  There were heroes, there were firsts, there was also drama.   I will add the pace was reasonable allowing reporters and photographers time to process and reset.

Bouts 1-11 am show results photos

Bouts 12-22 am show

I used to watch boxing with late Uncle Joe Alvarado and my cousin Joey....Joe Alvarado was the first hispanic Opa of the Wurstfest association and the first Latino famila to live up on them dar hills of New Braunfels.  Being ringside I heard a voice of fight commentary...later it was pointed out that Paul Rodriguez the comedian was the voice.  Watching him as he came to enjoy the great night of boxing it was obvious being Paul Rodriguez is WORK.  He posed for countless photos countless autographs...working while he enjoyed some good bouts! 

Developing a boxer is work....too many tomato cans they get soft and are doomed for a failure too deep and they fail.  Benjamin Whittaker coming off an impressive debut had before him an opponent that both tested him at moments but did not blow him out of the water.  Jawnta Manson out of Austin put stress with an awkward style that did not offer an easy target for the power Benjamin Whittaker displayed in his pro-debut at La Villita.  This made the fight entertaining with a couple close rounds Whittaker the winner wiser for the experience.  Gallery of the fight

And in Rolls a question mark for a local boxer Saul Montes has gone into tough places his short career and pulled wins out. Marty Guitterez fought Saul on his home turn and one.  Saul went down in this fight.  Also Saul has recently changed trainers.  Marty not quite the defensive master neither was Saul displayed more then enough to win and with a fair amount of clarity the bout.  Saul's O went.  Gallery of fight

Kendo went out wearing a Friday the 13th mask with the theme music blaring in the background.....Gutsy way to begin a pro career...he did show he was a debuter.  Kendo was tested and tested well in his debut at one point getting Alberto Romero on the ropes then looking like a dog with a rear axle in his mouth.  The fight ended with Bang....Kendo's power found a home at the end fourth dropping Alberto Kendo backed up with a power shot his bravado going in as Jason.  It was not knockout but it made it a 10-8 round making up for rounds that did not go for Kendo.  Gallery of the fight

Serious martial artists know that the one who looks like a complete wimp is often well the one who can make a mugger wish.....they were working fast food.  If Julian Ramirez were to appear on a construction sight he would be called a baby faced gringo.  He put on a boxing clinic at the expensive of Stephen Guitterrez.  Early on Guitterrez took some damage on the outside....he went inside well Julian Ramirez had merely given him a choice of poison.  Round three Julian Ramirez using his right hand the way lumberjacks use an ax  started chopping down Guitterrez.  The saying in boxing 'Kill the body the head would fall" You almost thought it would end soon.  Guitterez made it out he went another round but....the end was would not go the distance.  The corner stepped in stopping early round 5.  Gallery of fight.

One of the MOST OVERUSED nicknames in boxing is Rocky.....well Rocky Jaurez more then earned its use Saturday night.  I actually gave a couple rounds to Escalante...Escalante at times did appear to be youthful and faster....but Rocky accurate working eye with the opporotunity presented itself wearing down working the body and finally destroying Escalante.  One of the most stunning moments in the fight was when a spectator cheered to Escalante Rocky does not have power within 2 seconds it was Escalante On the canvas.  Barracho fight commentary is rarely accurate.  Escalante did not lay down and play dead he landed some powerful shots on the way to fights conclusion (his knockout) The crowd cheered Rocky Rocky Rocky and well....after his fight Rocky did actually show some true class cheering the final two bouts of the night adding some commentary from near where Paul Rodriguez sat "It hurts more out here then does in there" Gallery of the fight.  

The last two bouts I will call undercard heroes.  Rocky gave them the dignity of watching them. 

For Eddie Tiggs it was put up or shut up time.  Emmanuel Ledezma wound up making the decision for him.  Over the 4 rounds it was not pretty but it was clear that while a devastating knockout was not in the works Ledezma put is work in won the fight clearly collected his money and well Tiggs is now at decision time

The final bout was an east side brawl...not a defensive show case Nick Gonzales went spilling to the canvas round 1 leading to belief this just might end a few minutes early.  Luis Torres has power but....Nick made a fight out of it.  It was UD for Luis Torres if the fight had been earlier but the fight went to the boxing fan quite like the helping of desert maybe you should not have had. 

Under card gallery Tiggs v Ledezma first




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