Rivals Rematch After Milage and an Ironic Twist words and photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks all Rights Reserved (If you are note attached to the card do not repost

There are some ironic twists on the female bout October 16 2010. Celina Salazar works where father of her opponent’s trainer lies buried. Celina doing office work at the cemetery hardly cuts the dominating figure and is the stealth boxer. Christina reveals her foil method. Things have changed since they last met. Christina is coming off of a controversial defeat in Houston. On an editorial side I saw Christina held often. Celina fought to a draw in New Mexico. Christina has also avenged an amateur loss in rather stunning fashion being a little more active then Celina.


Celina Salazar  Christina Ruiz 

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 Tickets available Team Azteca Boxing club, Angels Boxing Gym, San Fernando Gym, Knock u out Barbershop, and San Antonio Men’s club. The bout will be at San Antonio Event Center October 16, 2010 8111 Meadow Leaf Drive gates open 6:30 (note the SA Events center is within spitting distance of the high school Christina Ruiz graduated from.)


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