Guide for Parents of Dyspraxic Children Ace Speaks on Assorted parenting Issues!


Right hearted wrong approach to integration of disabled Athletes (Federal regulations)

Motor learning terms and application for your dyspraxic athlete(what terms mean how they apply for your child)

Holidays Avoiding the Meltdowns and how wee seem them!

When a Dyspraxic flies and Drives....lessons learned from a dyspraxic pilot and driver (Newest addition)

Abnormal procedures Dos and Donts

The View from the Classroom what the teacher is going through

Guide to Military Parents often deployed (or business parents often gone)

High School sports unlikely salvation for dyspraxics

Walking the Line of Expectations And Support Dyspraxics perspective

The Road to Permanent Alienation with your Dyspraxic Child

Back to School Shopping A special hell

How Dyspraxics become the Accidental Bully

How to Make your Child a Slob

How to Change Cities, Schools, and Leave a Lifetime of Hate in Your Wake (From your child that is)

Common Ground Parent and PE teacher

Turning your child into the Athlete