Presser for Live Boxing Action May 9th San Antonio Texas Honoring Texas Historywords and Photos Esteban Erik Stipnieks All Rights Reserved


The Cadillac bar in San Antonio lies just south of Court house and the building housed grain when the battle of the Alamo was waged. Its location actually placed it south and west of the main action. Today May 1 2015 it was the location a press conference about another set of fights occurring May 9 2015 at the San Antonio Event Center new Jay high school off Loop 410 (exit Marbach). Tickets are available (210) 900-9397. We all know that the Battle of Alamo set the stage for Texas Independence at San Jacinto what is not too widely known is that the song "Yellow Rose of Texas" is about the distinct the female touch of the Texas revolution. The presser itself would take turn into this particular branch of Texas History even if the main event for the Texas Title is between British Tejano Steven Hall Steven Hall is orginally from South Shields England he has married a Latina making him like some of fighters who died at the Alamo or won at San Jacinto v boxer from New Mexico that was mentioned.

While to San Antonio women have recently fought for titles and lost (Celina Salazar and Christina Ruiz) Two other San Antonio women are making their debut May 9th. Emily Garcia (formerly known Villasenor) V Anayelia Segura. They did become the focus over Javier Rodriguez and even Brandon Chalker who has had 1 victory behind him as a pro.

It was a female who distracted Santa Anna the faithful day that gave San Antonians the reason to celebrate Fiesta will the two women steal the show fight night as they did at presser? The hype for this event is home town alternative to other big boxing events. As a cross-country runner I learned many things about female sport. Let's face it guys would not think about decorating male teammate's rooms to cheer them on. By the same token amidst the sweat and the dry heaves the commitment of the women was hard to deny and at times surpassed by own (sorry Amy)! Kirkland has left Ann but female fire seems to be available May 9.


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